Byd song plusdmi, domestic mixed license plate face

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Byd song plusdmi is the peak since its debut.Whether a car is good or not, the market will tell you, and song plusdmi, as a new gas-electric hybrid model, has a high sales volume, and there has been a phenomenon of hard to find a car.One of the most popular words on the Internet is: don’t buy byd song plusdmi, so as not to affect my car.Because the car is so popular, BYD doesn’t have enough capacity, so many people have to pick up the car for months. The only bad comment is that it’s too slow. On the other hand, this car is really popular.4 meters long, on call power, there is no pure tram running out of electricity worry, there is no oil car oil expensive.And the interior technology sense is full, a variety of interior optional, green card, free purchase tax, these are not enough to impress you?With a full tank of gas and a full charge, the range can reach more than a thousand kilometers, which is a miracle for an SUV.In addition, the gas-electric hybrid has extremely strong sound insulation when you sit inside, and you can’t hear the sound of the engine at all. It is a business-class SUV, so is this song plusdmi your first choice?Welcome byd owners to leave a message, talk about the advantages and disadvantages, to buy a suggestion.