Haifeng Street, Wudi County: Visitors clock in the village picking Garden to experience the joy of harvest

2022-05-03 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, rural picking trips are favored by the general public.In the no.1 strawberry plantation of Haifeng Sub-district Office, citizens and tourists with their children came to clock in, pick strawberries and take photos as souvenirs. Families enjoyed their holiday by picking strawberries for leisure and entertainment.During the Spring Festival holiday, customers flocked to strawberry Garden.According to the person in charge of the garden, there are at most 600 and at least 300 tourists who come here to pick fruit every day, and the daily turnover is about 30,000 yuan.In haifeng street office, a vegetable greenhouse, is also very lively, popular, adults and children walking through the tomato greenhouse, while picking and tasting, while taking photos.It is understood that kangzhiyuan vegetable greenhouses altogether nine, according to the different seasons of planting different types, mainly to tomatoes, zucchini, melon, watermelon and other organic fruits and vegetables, picking time from January to October.Reporter: Wang Qinglin Dong Lifu rector: Li Linna