How to interpret lu Xue’s Guanglian Sentences and Xue Baoqin’s Ten Memories of the Past

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Full of nonsense, who can understand it?LuXue widely and poems, poems of these two very important actually I wrote before reading the article, to the present understanding is still a huge difference, in order to prevent was sentenced to no longer alone, but with some red friends for I still don’t understand the interpretation method and Angle, so do an added in the separate, added some interpretation of the main points,Links to the original readings of the two verses are shown below.First, the winter Solstice is an important node in the 24 solar terms. In astronomy, it is the beginning of the cycle of the New Year and the end of the sun. What does this mean in the dream of the Red Chamber, which deliberately has a concept?Of course there’s a big change going on.In the background of the story, a large number of new characters emerged: Xing Youyan, Xue Baoqin, Li Wen and Li Qi, who made Baoyu sigh with emotion, gathered together in the grand View Garden. Judging from one of the metaphors, this might be a imperial examination, or a great gathering of talents after the imperial examination (because of Xue Baoqin).: at the end of the three: interference in the party, the interference of other people’s search, finally interference of C is Shi Xiangyun, because Shi Xiangyun absolutely overwhelming advantage, dai jade, treasure chai, treasure, glaze smoke, tanchun and others can only as a make-shift foil, and the most failure is jia baoyu, he eventually was sent to beg for the red plum blossom, and write down four: interference content:The joint sentence describes the later foreshadowing, and there is an internal connection between the two, whether on the surface or deep.”Ode to Red Plum Blossom” is the result, “Lu Xue Guanglian Sentence” is the background and reason: we can simply understand that it is this snow, to open the cold red plum, after burying a period of decay, also ushered in another real spring.Who does this new spring belong to?Of course, it is the winner of “Lu Xue Guanglian Sentence”, “Red Plum blossom” is the prize, have to initiate, agree, through the hand, sent to everyone present, and here is actually abandoned their own, in a sense to reach the Buddhist realm, so there are then Xue Baoqin ten nostalgic, interpretation as long as pay attention to the following two points:The time node “Ten Memories of the Past” was written after “Lu Xue Guanglian Sentences” and “Warm Xiangwu Lantern Mystery”, which is actually a summary, because in the following chapters, we can see the Spring Festival, qijin Qiu event, and then we can see tanchun’s family (Tanchun and Shi Xiangyun are two different stages of the same person).If it had not been for shi Xiangyun lu Xue Guanglian sentence a complete victory, which came tanchun.2:Perspective, and the perspective here are transferred to the new characters Xue Baoqin’s eyes, the ancestral hall is seen through, describe in detail the feudal family grand activity, and “poem” also be by what you see and think, wrote from the Angle of a third person view and understanding, both to avoid the protagonist in jia xiang three people there every time,The volume of the book is more expanded.Meditate on the riddle, is the key, it is because the ten poems mystery to solve, my interpretation of a dream of red mansions really entered again into the next level, and realize the dream of red mansions “encyclopedia of each riddle solution should not be isolated, but should make sure, find out his and – many puzzles are like inside another set of.This is also my advice to all honglou friends: Reading a dream of Red Mansions requires not only rich feelings, but also a logical way of thinking.For more information about foreign beauty Xue Baoqin, come to 姽 Hua of Xi Xi