Red Flag HS7 is currently priced from 275,800 yuan to test drive

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Appearance respect, new fund red flag HS7 continued the style of cash basically, but integral appearance is more luxurious.This car from the appearance, like a small version of the Red Flag HS7, the family front face design in the Red Flag this model appears unusually obvious, straight waterfall type of air intake grille on both sides of the LED headlights, giving people the feeling is not angry from the power.And on both sides, but also the use of modelling sharp LED light source lights, the interior also used LED light belt to light, has a good visual effect, more beautiful than the star.The center console and the door panel are used a large number of cortical packages, and the color is more stable, it looks very classy.Came to the interior part, red flag HS7 although not so amazing appearance, but the overall layout, design, materials are not bad.In terms of materials, large areas of cortical wrapping and chrome-plated decoration make the grade of the interior more prominent.In the domestic car market, large space SUV model is one of the models favored by consumers.That’s why many friends are willing to sit in the back row.As a result, both interior space and power output have reached a new height.The maximum power is 337 horsepower and the peak torque is 445 N · m, which meets the emission standard of national vi.These data in the same level of engines, can be said to be the absolute level of the first echelon.The system has a combined maximum power of 337 horsepower and a maximum torque of 445 N · m. It has the advantages of electrified driving mode, four-wheel drive capability, power efficiency and fuel economy.