Red posters prepare for famine for the people

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the slogan “Prepare for war, prepare for famine, for the people” was widely known in China.These seven characters can be seen everywhere, from loudspeaker announcements to slogans in cities and villages.In “Quotations from Chairman MAO”, this sentence was quoted most frequently and shouted loudest at the time.In his talk on the third Five-Year Plan on January 12, 1965, MAO Zedong called for “preparing for war, preparing for famine and serving the people”.On March 12, 1966, MAO Zedong replied to Liu Shaoqi on the issue of agricultural mechanization: “First, prepare for war. The people and the army must have food and clothing before they can fight, otherwise guns and guns will be useless.The second is to prepare for famine. In lean years, when there is no grain, cotton, oil and other savings in the region, it is not a long-term solution to rely on provincial aid.In a war, the difficulties are even greater.Local years of famine are often unavoidable in any province.Taken together, the provinces are all the more inevitable.Third, the country should not accumulate too much, for some people have not enough food rations, clothing is very little consideration;Moreover, for the sake of all the people, to disperse their reserves for the purpose of war;Third, we need to accumulate funds for local governments to expand production.”(MAO Zedong Military Anthology, Vol. 6, P. 405) In this context, a number of red propaganda pictures were published with the slogan” Prepare for war, prepare for famine and serve the people “.With the progress of The Times, the slogan of “prepare for war, prepare for famine and serve the people” is no longer mentioned and gradually forgotten.I always have your favorite old photos here old pictures like history like old photos, please pay attention to one!