Us to build ‘Mars rocket’ but can’t solve key problems or turn to China?

2022-05-03 0 By

The US has a contract to build a Mars rocket, but no money?America’s problems are too deep for its own destruction.The US is on the verge of building a rocket capable of taking off from Mars, reported. The latest development is that it has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to develop the rocket.The new rocket, officially called the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV), will deliver samples collected by the US rover from Mars to Earth, making it “the first rocket ever launched from another planet”.The ideal is good, but the reality is thin.Although the United States has a deep scientific and technological foundation, in the space field is small, but the economy decides the superstructure, now the United States is struggling to maintain itself, NASA to achieve this Mars rocket, how much money?Can the US Congress give it up?NASA has had trouble getting money from the United States since the last century.The space strategy brought down the Soviet Union. Is America trying to do the same now?Maybe this is not a ploy by the United States, and it is also a real plan to build this vehicle. After all, if the United States can get to Mars first and bring back the soil before our country does, the United States will remain the top position in the aerospace field.But things have changed, and America’s internal and external troubles have made it difficult to fully support NASA and the rocket.Unprecedented sophisticated products such as Mars rockets require huge financial support, and the US economy is not doing well amid the epidemic. The international situation is actually beneficial to China.Second, in addition to this apparent internal malaise, the root cause of America’s growing malaise is the revolving door.In fact, Americans themselves wonder how the United States, a superpower, has been following the same path since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the numbers have been rising.In fact, it is very simple, they chose the wrong path, resulting in the current revolving door problem.America has dismantled many monopolies, to prevent political capital control, but the politicians to business to become giant rotating, again through the donations and other difficult to clear the bribery, to input their agents, to the White House with money or, comrades, can grasp the discourse within the U.S. government, hollowing out the money, for my own business.And the agents of different forces in the White House internal infighting, so that the country’s decision vacillating, ambiguous direction, affecting the country’s fortunes.The epidemic has magnified the underlying problems of the US. If the revolving door problem is not solved, the US will gradually become “Korean”, and sooner or later it will be suppressed by China.Of course, our country is not free from this problem, but it has learned a lesson from the collapse of the Soviet Union, spent a lot of effort, and controlled well, and has now flourished.At the same time, the US would not have declined so quickly if China had not grown so well.The US was on the way to exploit the whole world to eat and drink, and China was clearly arranged by him.Unexpectedly, Under the pressure, China hid its strength and bided its time, blazed its own new path and developed its own new closed loop, giving other exploited countries a new option.The American order is broken, the decline is irreversible, and as long as we keep it that way, America will naturally fail.Naturally, the United States also understood, and then tried to save themselves, provoking a war between Russia and Ukraine is also expedient.Now China is standing up and bullying Europe.As the saying goes, “Dead friends don’t die poor.”When it comes to Mars rockets, the US is too busy trying to save itself and cannibalize its Allies to keep Mars rockets number one in science and technology?Perhaps it wants to, but surely it can’t.If the US is short of money, can it consider turning to China for help?Jokes are jokes, we are not in a hurry, stable their own development, step by step, watch it self-destruction.