Weiming Environmental Protection: invested and signed the franchise agreement of household waste incineration power generation project

2022-05-03 0 By

Feburary 13, Weiming environmental protection announcement, the company as the consortium leader and Shanghai Baoda Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. consortium confirmed as “Pingquan municipal household waste incineration power generation franchise project” winning the social capital.The project company established by the company, Pingquan Weiming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Pingquan City Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau signed the “Pingquan Municipal Household Waste Incineration Power Generation Franchise Project Franchise Agreement” on the investment and construction of pingquan project.The design scale of domestic waste treatment in phase I of the project is 400 tons/day, and the estimated total investment is about 219 million yuan. The company invests no more than 90 million yuan in this project with its own funds.