Beijing Winter Olympics Park sculpture into a network celebrity!The globe-trotting Snow Child is home

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Snow Child, Lyrical Message, Winter Rhapsody…Recently, 15 public sculptures were displayed along the marathon track of Beijing Winter Olympics Park in Shijingshan District, attracting many people to clock in and appreciate the art and learn about ice and snow culture.Liu Yang, sculpture designer, said: “We hope to build the best sculpture in China. When we walk into the Winter Olympics Park, the square sculpture” Snow Child “has become a hot spot in the park, attracting many citizens to take photos.”Although there are no differences in facial expressions, eyes and noses, gender, age and occupation, the minimalist approach can make people feel the theme of unity and friendship.”A citizen excitedly said.”The Globe-trotting Snow Child is coming home!””Snow Child is a cultural envoy connecting the world, and his brothers are scattered all over the world,” liu Yang, the sculpture’s author, said with a pun.’Snow Child Hugging’ was built in Chuvash, Russia, ‘Snow Child Holding Hands’ was built on the shores of beautiful Lake Baikal, and’ Snow Child Thinking ‘was built in Hoyer, a small town on the Border between Denmark and Germany…””I was born in Harbin.Over the years, more than 70 public sculptures have been designed for more than 30 countries, but I wanted the best ones to be built in China.”Sculpture designer Ilkel Yardemqi: It is my honor to design sculptures for China’s two Olympic Games in Huahaixiang Scenic Area. A 3-meter-high stainless steel sculpture named Lyrical Message attracted many visitors.The sculpture’s rounded shape expresses the idea of unity and integration.”It’s been a great honor for me to make sculptures for the two Olympic Games in China,” said Turkish designer Ilkel Yardemci, who created a sculpture for the Beijing Olympic Park in 2008.The main body of lyrical Information sculpture is a huge stainless steel sphere and a section of DNA spiral structure, with its dynamic rotating shape to maintain unity with the surrounding environment.”I hope people who see this sculpture will recognize the great impact of the Olympic Games on human unity and world development.”It is reported that two years ago, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Olympic public art works for the global open solicitation, artists from more than 50 countries and regions submitted 1,611 proposals.In the end, 15 sculptures from six countries were selected. So far, all 15 sculptures have been arranged along the horse racing route in the park.It is reported that these sculptures are the cultural carrier of the Winter Olympics, to convey the Spirit of the Olympic Games, and will become a cultural and artistic legacy of the Winter Olympics to Beijing.