Daily Youxian meets consumers’ sense of ritual of the Spring Festival, and sales of decorative goods are rising

2022-05-04 0 By

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for festivals has not only stayed in material satisfaction, but also began to pay more attention to the spiritual needs, and there are more new requirements for creating festivals full of atmosphere and sense of ceremony.Especially during the Spring Festival just past, people’s demand for family atmosphere decoration during the Spring Festival is significantly higher, and the sales of all kinds of New Year flowers that can adorn the Spring Festival and add the flavor of the New Year are rising.According to Daily Youfresh, the sales of flowers and plants during the Spring Festival increased by 2.2 times compared with normal days. In particular, the five-branch red plum, which symbolizes happiness and happiness, ranked first in the best-selling flowers category.In today’s fast-paced life, the pursuit of ritual sense seems to have become a way for people to heal themselves in their spare time.It is said in the Little Prince that the sense of ritual is what makes one day different from other days and one moment different from other moments.The Spring Festival is a rare time for families to get together, and in order to highlight such an important occasion, a sense of ritual becomes even more important.The festive colors of silver willow and plum bring a festive atmosphere for the Spring Festival;Auspicious symbol of the rich bamboo and ruyi, so that people at the beginning of the year to get a good luck;Meaning happy phalaenopsis, let people feel the warmth and blessing of family……These are daily Youxian to consumers exclusive ritual sense.Daily optimal fresh flowers category person in charge told reporters that the platform is currently sold by the vast majority of flowers are straight from origin, not only high freshness, lasting, cost-effective is also higher, convenient for everyone with a small cost happily decorated New Year, to meet their sense of ceremony.With the increase of young families and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the trend of fresh home and instant retail is becoming more and more common. The relevant person in charge of Daily Youxian also said that the company will continue to focus on high-value users, provide higher quality goods and better services, so that every festival of consumers will have their own characteristics.