In the car sales list in January, German brands accounted for 5 seats, while MINIEV halved from the previous month

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In January, traditionally the busiest month for pre-holiday sales, the car market managed to pull in 1.01 million units, down 6.2% year on year, although there was less retaliatory spending than last year.TOP 1: Nissan Hennessy January sales: 49,982 new “Japanese Warlord” new Hennessy, the continuation of last year’s sales momentum, and sold nearly 50,000 units in January.Dongfeng nissan sold 110, 000 cars in January, of which Sylphy accounted for almost half.Xuan Yi all aspects of quality is still good, the main power is too meat, many owners ridicule CVT too fragile dare not deep step on.Second place is Volkswagen Lavida, in the past year has obviously been under pressure to play xuan Yi, this year has not been able to reverse the situation.Lavida sold 45,000 cars in January, down 18.7% from a year earlier in the crazy month.Compared with Xuan Yi, Lang Yi has advantages in chassis adjustment, control fun and other aspects, but the disadvantage is that the interior material is general.After a long period of ups and downs, Sagitar returned to the TOP three in the first month of 2022, down 27.5% year on year, but more than offset the gains.As the benchmark of A+ class cars in China, the model will be changed this year. The exterior interior will be more inclined to the design style of PASSat of SAIC Volkswagen, and Volkswagen’s “advanced sense” will be more advanced.Wuling Hongguang MINIEV failed to maintain the momentum of the past few months and fell to fourth place in the sales list.Sales were a bit disappointing, at 26,700.Remember, in the fourth quarter of last year, MINIEV’s monthly sales were above 40,000 lines;In December, it exceeded 50,000 units, topping the sales chart.It may be said now is sequential half cut, nevertheless market capacity should still have very big play space.Byd Qin January sales: 26,541 BYD Qin is still a Buddha, no matter the ranking is up or down, its capacity is there, so sales are not high enough to go.In January, the sales volume was still maintained at 25,000 units, which increased by 9.6 times compared with last year.At present, Qin will still receive a lot of complaints about cars, orders are still in digestion.With two cars in the TOP 10 for sedans and the X3 in the SUV category, IT looks like BMW will have a good year.BMW 5 Series sold 26,000 units, up 33.6 percent year on year.For a four and a half million luxury car can sell this result, it shows that there are many rich people.Camry also got off to a strong start, selling 25,000 vehicles in January, up 21% from a year earlier.Gac Toyota is selling, FAW Toyota is a little lonely.According to production and sales data released by FAW Group, FAW Toyota sold a total of 52,000 cars in January, down nearly 40% year-on-year.Faw performance was also dragged down, a year-on-year decline of 26%, really open the door black.January sales: 24,396 The BMW 3 Series, the second BMW to make the list, ranked eighth with 24,000 sales.In the 300 thousand level of luxury cars, BMW 3 series feel more attractive than Mercedes C class, Audi A4L, control and retention rate are relatively dominant.By the way, Audi’s A4L sold 16,839 units, down 45 per cent year on year;Mercedes C-Class sold 10,273 units, down 46 percent year-on-year.Honda Accord January Sales: 22,907 One of the three Japanese senders, accord is now firmly established as the second brother.Monthly sales of 23,000, with a brother camry is also very close.Accord’s space, fuel consumption, appearance level, retention rate and other aspects are among the best at the same level, the price is cheaper than Camry, Teana, Passat, which shows its sincerity more.Bora, as the leader in the A-class segment, generally has no shortage of sales.But since last year, due to a lack of core environment, bora is said to have given way to some of its production capacity to more extensive models, so sales have been halved year on year.January was no exception, with 22,000 units sold, down 43% from a year earlier, and recovery is likely to take some time.Several other best-selling models, Buick Englang sold 21,431 units a month, ranked 11th.Changesong Mobile broke into the top 15, while Geely Emgrand’s sales fell 18% year-on-year to 14th place.The Toyota Corolla, which had a great year last year, has dropped out of the top 15 in 2022, with sales estimated to have halved year on year.| invasion delete image network