Men’s curling rankings are out!Canada on the final four!The United States has the advantage of competing with both teams

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The penultimate day of the men’s curling round robin at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games began on Feb 16, 2022.On that day, the penultimate round robin of men’s curling will be played.The Chinese team’s opponent in this round of the match is the strong Swiss team.Although the strength is not as good as the opponent, but the Chinese army indomitable struggle, in the game, is dedicated to the showpiece, finally is 6:5 won the fourth victory of this winter Olympic Games men’s curling.The men’s curling round robin Chinese team also ended the journey.Chinese team in the men’s curling team competition, also achieved four wins and five losses.In the following matches although did not occupy the initiative to advance.The result of the U.S. match remains to be seen.In addition, The Russian team also has a certain chance to advance.Russia also finished the round robin with four wins and five losses in men’s curling.Currently, The Chinese team is temporarily ranked fifth in the men’s curling round robin.The United States, which has one game less, finished eight rounds with a record of four wins and four losses.The United States can advance to the knockout round if it wins or loses less than Denmark in the final round.Russia lost to Great Britain, leaving Russia with a 4-5 record. Denmark is the underdog in the men’s curling event in Beijing.Line-up had just one win and seven losses in the first eight rounds.It also performed poorly, placing last in the men’s curling round robin at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Denmark, though, are in last place with a game to play.Even if Denmark manages to beat the United States in the final round, the team will still be ranked bottom with two wins and seven losses.And in the final game of honor, Denmark is also difficult to beat the United States.Denmark is also likely to give the United States a big win.Once again become the Beijing Winter Olympic Games to send points boy!England beat Russia 8-6 in this round.Also successfully qualified for the final four of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Britain’s record in the first eight rounds is seven wins and one loss.Great Britain now face Sweden for top spot in their group.Canada is also locked into third place and the final four.Sweden is a winless team in this round, having also recorded seven wins and one loss in their first eight games.Italy, Norway and Switzerland are already out.Italy, backed by mixed doubles champion Carlos Amos, managed just three wins and five losses in the first eight matches, with Switzerland looking to improve to four wins and five losses in the final round.