Wang Lee-hom has made a joke of paying $91 million a month to raise a baby.

2022-05-04 0 By

Lee-hom Wang has made a joke of paying $91k a month to raise a baby.On February 12, wang lee-hom said he would give her NT $910,000 a month, but in cash, in response to accusations that she had failed to pay alimony and cut off the financial resources of the mother of her three children.But it is also because of the cash, no evidence, so no way to prove that he had given Li Liang Lei alimony, until the coordination officer suggested that he should have according to, he just obtained the account of Li Liang Lei.Soon, Li Liang lei fang replied that she had never received any cash from Wang, and asked Wang To stop talking nonsense.Netizens have commented that What Wang said is unrealistic, even if the staff handed it over, there would be a withdrawal record and so on. Besides, who would walk around with 910,000 yuan in cash?The largest denomination of NT $is 200,910,000, and 455 pieces are needed. Who would ask someone to give such a lot of money every month?So far, both sides have been on opposite sides of the story.The truth of the matter needs further investigation.The case between Leehom Wang and Li Jinglei really goes on and on. Later, Leehom Wang said: “Relevant evidence has been submitted and Li Jinglei is facing six months in jail.”For a while Li Liang lei also said: they have prepared sufficient materials, and pointed out that Wang Leehom did not pay alimony.Now, do you think leehom has a problem or Li Lianglei has a problem?