Beautiful words and wonderful sentences fragrance drunk guest soul, don’t say poetry world all purple competition profusion

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art beautiful words and wonderful sentences fragrance drunk guest soul, don’t say the poetry of the purple competition profusion.Refined sound can still find, beautiful sentence how to seek, colorful sailing freedom.Sail by passing wave, multicolored dance dance, often own in the word Yin ya-yun.Spring everywhere, the most enchanted, the word has its own fragrance drunk beauty.Poetry poets sing songs of praise, clear sound yayun swing mountains and rivers, poetry fu riotous beauty.Drunk lotus pond, SAO Ci Fu Jin chapter, colorful flowers artless, poetry painting mantingfang.Moonlight into the poem, colorful ink overflow, wonderful sentence beautiful words graceful charm full ting Fang.Colorful fireworks make the New Year, poem friends meet laugh cry, wonderful sentence good word song prosperous times, clear sound yayun song Yao day.Ma Jia ci fu, Saibei Feihong rafting to find wonderful sentences, colorful blue sky.The four seas, beautiful words ode thousand years, colorful heart flowers, poetry friends with joy endlessly.The sea of poetry sails another year, colorful sunny days, ci-Lin calligraphy fragrance far, elegant sound sing daqian.Colorful flowers like brocade, poetry festival gathering qunying, beautiful words miao sentence qing euloquies peace.Read tears touch jin, elegant charm melodious poetry heart nowhere to send, profusion rain clothes fall quilt.Send acacia, a piece of ice fu Li ci, colorful flowers brilliant, spring into the garden as a poem.True feeling, colorful Manyuanchun, Yin fu express xinzhi, elegant fragrance more intoxicating.Colorful manyuanchun, meet true, beautiful flowers elegant charm drunk visitors.Words and chapters through the ages melodious moving my heart, today’s poetry flower rain falls skirt.Elegant yun Liufang yuan, good word yun long, colorful ink fushi chapter.Splash-ink poem flower, Saibei profusion Ruixue float, beautiful pen shenghui elegant rhyme lead coquetty.Into the screen, the total relationship, the word has its own fragrance.There are bosom friends, is the chenge, ziqi east to north to send rain.Vientiane open, wreathe Yaotai, dragon tengteng hu Yue was a new appearance, the world as I cut.At the beginning of the south peak, Purple east to Beidou edge, the world is colorful.Dragon teng Huyue spring, the world is a true, purple east Rui mist full universe.The world a light, infinite scenery fundus, purple gas to and from the stars.Cover mountains and rivers, west xiangyun around nine days, rivers were splendid, big thousand world dance lightly.Auspicious clouds rui mist around the mountains, purple east to ten thousand days, the world is so, colorful present.The beautiful Gan Lin Run daqian, Ziqi around yan.The world good scenery, colorful east spring trouble, xiangyun west Gospel Yang.Purple full tingfang, xiangyun around the gallery, Wanli Jiangshan world exhibition brilliant.Zhaonianfeng, East wanlihong, like to see the thousand new world, dragon tengteng Tiger Yue race was male.Qingshanshuijing, new voice sing daqian, Ziqi around yan.No dust, vientiane is a fundus, dongsheng to meet the sunrise, xiangyun yao tai around.Auspicious clouds auspicious snow zhao fengnian, ziqi east everything fresh, like to see thousand tigers jump race was yan.Life is all sentient beings, purple gas east and west with stars.A qifeng, is different, purple gas to reflect the sky.Ziqi diffuse tianya, xiangyun around ten thousand, colorful world exhibition wonderful work.Rui shi Qing Chung, ziqi East daqian new scene, dragon teng Hu Yue was auspicious.Different landscape painting was, vientiane all sentient beings, purple gas from east to west with the morning star.There are wonders in the world, colorful eyes, purple east to greet the rising sun, xiangyun west around the castle peak.Guan Changhong, xiangyun to the west around the blue sky, rivers and mountains was splendid, the world emerged.Crane dance xiangyun flower ten thousand flowers, longteng Ziqi rhyme sanjiang, thousand world scenery beauty, colorful was Ruichang.Two degrees of spring, snow dance three winter yingdaqian, Purple gas around yan.Sanchun warm wind and ruifu cloud, manyuan fragrance ten thousand happy rimmen.Phoenix que xiangguang full, sunshine longmen dense cage earth, Qiankun qingqi is pleasant.Thousands of thick lights, the moon full West building, jinfeng send cool fragrance laurel secluded.Auspicious cloud rui mist around the mountain peak, nine days of impenetrable rainbow, spring reunion of the world 10,000 households.The moon is round, cover mountains and rivers, jinfeng Yulu qianmen festival.A full moon midheaven, thousands of reunion, rui haze xiangyun shu gas swing world.Night fly, Yushu pile, cold wind condensate gas, snow crystal yingcuiwei.Auspicious cloud rui mist east to the new sun and moon, spring full shenzhou ten thousand households le Tianlun.Gas steaming xia Wei clouds, auspicious light reflecting blue sky, peach blossom trees celebrate reunion.Clear water reflects the blue sky, thousands of laughter loud, rui haze xiangyun shuang le boundless.Ten thousand households spring, full universe, one yuan began to soar Rui Caiyun.Overnight the east wind snow, kyushu shu gas swing spring tide, golden snake dance thousand music shun yao.Han Mingyue, such as empty Na Auspicious, full room scholarly people drunk, thousands of families enjoy well-being.Face full world, thousands of families laugh loudly, firecrackers in the gas to send fleeting.Thousands of families night weiyang, a full moon in the central hall, jinfeng send cool qingqiu gas, Yulu condensation xin Ruiju incense.Fly another spring, east wind haodangyi full cup, thousands of families laugh frequency.New scenery, jinfeng Yulu Auspicious Lin, painting cup full, thousands of families laugh frequency.The incense burner is half full of smoke, thousands of families worship their ancestors, rui mist auspicious clouds floating blessing, and the wind shu gas run heart.Thousands of households a water, the wind moon jiangtian, autumn air around the purple smoke xiangyun.Rui mist around the castle peak, air god clear peach blossom red like fire, thousands of families smile.The new weather, auspicious cloud rui diffuse qiankun, yuan qianshu, ten thousand households together lift bottles.Mantingfang, thousands of xi To crazy, ruixue floating spring trouble, red plum in full bloom.Thousands of families celebrate reunion, the West building people did not sleep, cool wind clear rui zhao bumper harvest.Auspicious clouds rui mist east to a hundred birds, spring full of households celebrate shengping.Tiger jump gas skyward, xiangyun around purple smoke, spring full of households celebrate reunion.Spring flowers sheng, the world sky two meet, weiyang Palace shengping Sun and moon Ming.Month such as hook, night endlessly, heaven and earth under yangzhou.With each passing day, nightingales sing and growing up.A game of chess, honor and disgrace must not be sad, Weiyang Palace sheng, too liquid pool singing and dancing.Open sheng wicker new, heaven and earth always spring, midnight song and dance celebrate birthday.Night rain on the window xing weiyang, singing and dancing drunk neon clothes, if there is any envy of the emperor.Song and dance rising sun and moon long, weiyang Palace in the evening primrose, then sheng gas world jiro.Human things, prosperous China, never ended lights, neon song and dance celebrate reunion.Prime years do not dream in the mountains, to know the world has this strange, today not Yang sky up, but to accompany yao Pool singing and dancing.Night static more drunken red makeup, the world how many fireworks sheng and death.Song and dance celebration year feng, lights weiyang taiping infinite good, the world last month hazy.The sky is impermanence, decay, their wounds, midnight midnight dance no harm.Sunny days, beautiful scenery in front of us, Weiyang Palace sheng, singing and dancing, sleepless night.Wind and rain night weiyang, drunken red makeup, the world if there is to envy the emperor.When Hugh, the night is full of flowers, prosperity will eventually do, where the world is not romantic.Heaven and earth as charming, dressed vegetarian wrapped more enchanting, Weiyang Palace shengping Song Shunyao.Spring to the midsummer world is different, midnight song and dance month in Ming.Palace deep, night sink, if there is any sorrow in the world do not know jun.Birds singing and dancing, yulongyue weiyang, the Chinese right is the vicissitudes of life.The world as I, Shenzhou underground palace sheng xiao, singing and dancing.Love fame, not envy the world rich fairy, midnight dance drunk chan.Not Yang Palace in the moon hazy, singing and dancing night thick, heaven and earth with this music, Chang ‘e Yutu hospitality bell.- Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Sinology art #