The breakup of my marriage was an inevitable failure in my life

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At a press conference, pop diva Faye Wong suddenly changed her face when asked by a reporter.At this time, Faye Wong, and her husband at the time of breakdown.All the media were so focused on her relationship that they forgot the real meaning of the press conference that day.”Have all the divorce matters been settled?””What’s it to you?Am I supposed to tell you everything because I’m a public figure?”In the face of reporters repeatedly asked, Wong fei sat on the stage completely lost face.Such a reaction would have been considered normal by her character, and her response to the reporter has been called a “bully quote.”However, at that time, Wong and Dou Wei because of divorce for a long time.Faye Wong responded to the reporter’s anger, perhaps with the trouble in her heart, with a cross brow and a cold expression of purpose, which made people sigh at how she and Dou Wei used to envy others when they were madly in love.This thought diva Faye Wong will never be involved in the entanglement of marriage, did not think she met Li Yapeng.01, love does not know, and passionately mentioned “Peng Fei love”, from Li Yapeng and Wang Fei met, fell in love with each other, every period has countless pairs of eyes staring at them.Up to now, their dispute is still the topic of the streets.Li Yapeng, once the mainland popular young, he is “love to the end” and Xu Jinglei in love with the screen male god, is also “Conor Heroes” in the partner Zhou Xun dark feelings of the handsome children.Handsome face and big tall, easy and frank character, let Li Yapeng not only receive drama soft, heterosexual edge is also unstoppable.”Li Yapeng fulfilled all my expectations of a good man.Mature, big-hearted, willing to take on challenges…”Zhou Xun’s comments were very sincere.Visible at that time Li Yapeng is really good scenery, charm is infinite.He had surrounded himself with a lot of nice women since college, some of whom, of course, hit it off.Unfortunately, before and after 4 paragraphs of amour, Li Yapeng walks unusually difficult, because of different reason each paragraph is displeased.One day in 2003, Li was invited by Na Ying to attend a party.At the party, he knew a woman who made him instantly fall – Wong Fei.Wang Fei is the female with a bright personality, in her oh body intellectuality and childlike innocence coexist, it is this kind of unique glamour, let Li Yapeng cannot extricate oneself.Wong, like Li, has had a rocky relationship, having already had a failed marriage.At present and Nicholas tse’s love also reached the freezing point.Be informed of the Li Yapeng after this one circumstance, although love dearly goddess, also secretly secretly however pleased.Because that would be his chance.It is strange to say that Li Yapeng, who had been in a dominant position in his dealings with women, changed his normal state in front of Faye Wong.Every time he saw Wang Fei, he could not help but restrain his behavior, like an obedient child, afraid of what he did wrong to make Wang fei unhappy.In the summer of 2003, faye Wong ushered in her 34th birthday in the scorching heat of the film crew, but her boyfriend Nicholas Tse did not appear at the birthday party.Wong replied with a pun: “I will celebrate with my friends in Beijing.”Yes, the “friend in Beijing” is Li Yapeng. Since he knew Wang Fei, he launched a fierce pursuit.On Faye Wong’s birthday, Li threw a lavish party at a luxury hotel in Shanghai’s Lujiazui district.No matter the intention or the scene, all gave the queen enough decency.Don’t think li Yapeng will only use the vulgar means of money.To obtain the heart of goddess, Li Yapeng spent the idea, for Wang Fei did in every possible way.Knowing that Wong likes to listen to jokes, Li searched around for a lot of bad jokes and told her by phone or text message every day.Sometimes, more than 100 messages a day.Looking at li Yapeng sent cold jokes, as well as concerned messages, Wang Fei smiled, the heart also began to have fluctuations.02, life if only such as first, what is the autumn wind sad picture fan in December of the same year, alone working outside Faye Wong got a bad cold, weak bedridden.Li Yapeng knew, quickly bought the fastest flight to fly to her side.In times of crisis, people are most likely to place heavy feelings on people around them.Under Li’s careful care, Wong began to improve.The incident also made their feelings heated up quickly.And Wang Fei also had already done a good job with xie Tingfeng before boyfriend, of Li Yapeng appear just smoothed the trauma in her heart.The following spring, Faye Wong will start her own concert tour.Li Yapeng did not say anything, regardless of the agent’s opposition to push off all schedules and film contracts, accompanied Faye Wong national performance.Seeing how much Li had done for her, Wong could no longer resist the onslaught of love.It was during the concert tour that the romance between Li and Wong surfaced.They did not deny speculation about their relationship in the news after being photographed by the media repeatedly living with their peers.In fact, the best friend around two people are also very optimistic about their feelings.Especially Faye Wong, since with Li Yapeng together, was spoiled into a bird depends on the little princess.And Li Yapeng cut off the connection with other opposite sex, all ideas were put on Wang Fei.Since then, more and more media have photographed them together, and everyone is just silently blessing the young couple.Sweet in, the feeling heat of Li Yapeng and Wang Fei rises not to retreat only, very soon they mutually decide lifelong.After less than a year together, they got married and started a family.”Once a cool diva, suddenly a teenager in her first love.”At the wedding, wong’s daughter Dou Jingtong (from her previous marriage) served as a flower girl to send her best wishes to her mother.That day faye wong is particularly beautiful, Li Yapeng’s smile is always hanging on his face.After marriage, Li yapeng treated Dou jingtong as his own child and doted on Wong.No one expected that faye Wong, a maverick, would be willing to be a housewife.In the first two years of their marriage, Wong turned down a lot of jobs, took few endorsements, and focused entirely on her family.At that time, Faye Wong’s image on the news was mostly plain clothes without embellishment.Especially after the pregnancy, completely lost the AIRS of female stars.And the arrival of daughter Li Yan, let this family more full and satisfactory.If things go on like this, they will always be an enviable couple.But everyone underestimates, the marriage life hone and husband and wife from love to affection run in the process.What Faye Wong can never erase is her unfettered nature and free and easy in her bones.This is one of the most unique and attractive things about her, and one of the most difficult things to coexist with.And Li Yapeng, it happens is a very traditional man, male chauvinism is his characteristic.In his view, after marriage, a woman should give priority to her family, husband and children.Gradually, wang Fei’s lofty and li Yapeng’s secular, become the differentiation point of their marriage.As the excitement fades, so does the novelty of married life.The difference on three views also slowly appears.The accumulation of contradictions, over time, began to tear at their relationship.03, more than eight years hard to distinguish, the past spring has disappeared when the frozen lake began to crack, then the moment of breaking the ice is not far away.The feeling of Li Yapeng and Wang Fei, after experiencing the sour sweet bitter hot of marital life, also begin bit by bit disintegrate.In addition to the two views of personality, in the child’s education, they also had a great difference.Faye Wong is to implement the “free range style” of parenting concept, comply with children’s preferences, not interfere in their choices.But Li yapeng insists on the traditional sense of education, hoping that the children take the “gaokao style” that set.The conflict intensified, even in front of the screen.Faye Wong felt there was no need for her and Li to continue, so she took the initiative to divorce him.Li Yapeng does not agree at first, divorce one thing dispute big half year time.”They’ve been making this decision for quite some time,” carina Lau, their close friend, told the Media.But as spectators, we did not intervene.There are a lot of problems with them making that decision.”Faye Wong decided to go, Li Yapeng understand her, know what can not be redeemed.They filed for divorce in 2013 after eight years of marriage.If you can’t be lovers, be friends.”I wanted a family, but you were meant to be a legend.Miss all these years of good times, love you as before!Unfortunately, letting go is the only thing I can do for you now.I hope you are happy…”After their divorce, Li and Wong stayed in touch and raised their children together.They still show up together at the benefit, but in a different role.After an amicable separation, they lived separate lives.Even when Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are back together again, Li still sends his best wishes.Once the past will be dusty, until in “Luyu date”, Li Yapeng “Pengfei love” is only left to the child’s guilt: “As a father, failed to give the child a complete family.I feel like a failure…”Everything will be relieved and a new life will begin.In recent years, Wong has rarely appeared to quietly enjoy her life.Although Li Yapeng did not receive what big role again, spread even a few irrelevant news, but to a few children love the person all knows.Now he has a new companion, happy and happy.There is no doubt that Li and Wong loved each other deeply in the good old days.Unfortunately, this world is not “love drink enough”.If together is hurt, then separate with memories, timely stop loss is better than from love to hate.Of course, the broken marriage and emotional experience, and can not become a measure of a person’s good or bad standards, life is originally a journey of meeting and parting.But some people are doomed to accompany you for a while.