【 Exploration 】 “Mei” flowers are attractive, but not all plants with “mei” in their names are plum blossoms

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Before and after the start of Spring, the streets of Shencheng filled with bursts of plum incense.According to the city’s greening and appearance bureau, in addition to plum blossom, there are also wax plum, tea plum, beauty plum and other flowers blooming.Not all of these flowers have the Chinese character “mei” in their names.Plum is a deciduous shrub in the genus Prunus in the Family Rosaceae, camellia is a camellia in the family Camellia, and Meimei is a plum in the family rosaceae……Let’s get to know each other!Plum is a rosaceae plum plant, its leaves ovate or elliptic, leaf edge often small sharp serrate, flowers solitary or sometimes 2 in the same bud, petals obovate, white to pink.What other Muys are there?Wax plum is a deciduous shrub belonging to the genus Of wax plum in the family of wax plum, alias: golden plum, wintersweet, wax flower, yellow plum blossom.Because of the basic synchronization with the blooming period of plum (wax plum blossom period usually about January to February, plum blossom period about February), and similar to the fragrance of plum blossom, color is like honey spleen, so the name.Viewing spots: Shanghai Botanical Garden, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Gongqing Forest Park, Guyi Garden, Century Park, Zuibai Pond, Zhenru Park, Fangta Garden, etc. Tea plum is a camellia in the Camellia family. It is named for its leaves like tea and flowers like plum.Tea plum is beautiful in shape, beautiful in color, and has a long flowering period, which can blossom from early November to March of the next year.In winter in Xiaosu, tea plums not only decorate nature, but also provide a food source for insects such as Chinese bees and hoverflies.Viewing spots: Shanghai Botanical Garden, Gongqing Forest Park, Daning Park, etc.In March every year, meimei blooms on its branches. Many people think it is a variety of plum blossom, but it is not. Although it has the Chinese character “plum”, meimei is a horticultural hybrid of double palace pink plum and red plum.The natural flowering period of beautiful plum is from the end of February to the middle and late march. It can be configured in front of houses, stone steps and roadside, and can also be used for road greening and viewing.Viewing point: Shanghai botanical garden, riverside forest park, guyi garden, drunken Bai Chi, Marine ecology garden flowers such as bougainvillea bougainvillea belongs to nyctaginaceae bougainvillea, because its bracts shaped like a gorgeous flower petals, so named “leaf”, and Le cuckoo, lobular bougainvillaea and triangular flower nickname, bougainvillea long flowering, bright color, high ornamental value.Hamamelis hamamelis belongs to hamamelis family and is unique to China.Its bark is often patchy peeling, flowering in early spring, flower after leaf, flower structure is simple, no petals.Its wood material is excellent, tree, crown, leaf shape, and high ornamental value of autumn leaves, can make high-quality bonsai;Tannin can also be extracted from leaves.View point: Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Botanical Garden and other information: city greening city appearance bureau editor: Liu Minyue