Focus interview | General Secretary’s concern about the New Year in the old community

2022-05-06 0 By news (focus interview) : community is the big family that city residents are most familiar with.In a community, there are dozens or thousands of households. The situation is complex and diverse, and the needs of residents are diverse.It is the direction of community work to make community residents live a comfortable life and handle affairs satisfactorily, and to build and maintain the small environment of the community.In July 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Changshan Garden Community in Changchun, Jilin Province.This is a community built in the 1980s.The general Secretary is particularly concerned about the living conditions of residents. How are communities serving the people?How does grassroots management work develop effectively?Spring Festival is coming, what kind of New Year is there in this old community?Zhao Xingfu lives in Changshan Garden Community in Changchun, Jilin province, and his children come back every Chinese New Year to reunite with them.Usually only the old couple at home, the grandchildren came, the house became lively.Zhao xingfu’s family has lived here for 30 years and it has preserved many of their precious memories.His son grew up, worked and married here, and they welcomed the third generation of their family here.In July 2020, he hosted General Secretary Xi Jinping in his living room.The general Secretary not only inquired carefully about Zhao xingfu’s family, but also paid special attention to the environment of the old community.Zhao Xingfu told the general Secretary that in recent years, the environment of the community has kept changing year by year, and everyone’s life has become more and more convenient.But before that, this neighborhood wasn’t like that.In recent years, the community environment is getting better and better, and everyone’s life is becoming more and more convenient. The residents know the changes best.Zhao Xingfu, a resident of Changshan Huayuan community in Kuancheng District, Changchun, Jilin province, said: “The carriages run fast and all have to be led by the locomotive. Secretary Wu has paid too much for this community.”Wu Yaqin is the first party secretary of Changshan Garden Community.Every Spring Festival is the busiest time for community workers.It is the greatest wish of community workers to make residents feel comfortable.Environmental changes are the most important and direct way to make residents comfortable in such an old community.When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited changshan Garden community in 2020, Wu yaqin introduced the changes in the community to the general secretary in detail.Wu Yaqin said, “The first thing I said to the general secretary is this: Hello, General Secretary, you are the general secretary of the whole country, and I am the community secretary at the lowest level. Today, I, the community secretary at the lowest level, report to the General Secretary.I introduce to the general secretary for our long mountain garden community in the absence of property management, we discuss with something good, something urgent to discuss faster, more difficult to discuss, the event will discuss the execution of work amount of four leading party member masses, residents have a sit together to discuss, solve the residents of the masses hot difficult problem, also let people live very comfortable.The general secretary nodded frequently and put forward new requirements for community-level governance.What we feel most is that only by deepening and improving community governance can we lay the most solid foundation for social governance.We are leading party members and residents to solve one problem after another, and make community governance solid, bigger and deeper.”Changshan Garden Community now has more than 3,000 households and nearly 7,000 people, among which more than 1200 people are over 60 years old. Elderly care service has always been a focus and difficulty of the community.After the general secretary’s arrival, the community continued to hold meetings with residents to understand their needs.Wu Yaqin said:”This is also our community after a visit to the general secretary’s new initiatives, our surrounding belongs to the integration of urban and rural areas, no bank within two kilometers, we installed the two atms, but can not meet the requirements of the elderly, the elderly people like to use the passbook, we positive efforts to negotiate with jilin bank, in such a community installed two sets of equipment,You can pay your heating and water bills here.”It has solved the difficulty for the elderly to withdraw money and pay fees. There are also more daily problems that community workers are concerned about.Some elderly people are not very convenient, usually, their three meals a day has been difficult to solve.In 2021, the community decided to expand the original small canteen for community workers to cook into the community Liling canteen, 6 yuan per meal, community residents can eat hot food here.Community work is closely related to the lives of ordinary people, and each stage has different tasks. Community workers must find new breakthrough points in the needs of ordinary people and the development of society.Han Liping is the new party secretary of Changshan Garden Community, a “post-90s” young community worker.When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Changshan Garden community in 2020, she also heard the general secretary’s request for young community workers.Han Liping, party secretary and director of Changshan Huayuan Community, Kuancheng District, Changchun, Jilin, said: “The general secretary said that our community workers should be younger, and our community’s next direction is to standardize, standardize, younger and professional.”The general secretary’s speech provided new ideas for the development of old communities.In 2021, Changshan Garden Community took advantage of the opportunity of smart community transformation to strengthen the construction of fire protection facilities in view of the fire protection problem in the old community.Han liping said, “Because it is an old community, there is no fire equipment, but the new community has smoke and water fire equipment.But the old community can not be worse, so we have equipped a unit fire station to protect the safety of residents in the area.”After the communication between the community workers and the residents, the micro-fire station of the community was set up in the residents’ homes. They are the pillars of each building, and there are also unit leaders and grid leaders in the community. They are all volunteers of changshan Garden community, and many of them are party members.In 2020, on the community square of Changshan Garden Community, General Secretary Xi Jinping hoped that everyone should play the spirit of master, participate in and form joint efforts to do a good job in serving the people, and jointly build a happier and better home.His encouragement enhanced the pride of the community residents and made more and more people join the team of community volunteers.These volunteers are an important force in the operation of changshan Garden community. They are responsible for cleaning the community, providing daily patrols, caring for the elderly who live alone, providing haircuts for everyone, and registering vehicles and pedestrians at the gate of the community during the epidemic.They get help as well as help other residents in the community.In the past two years, more and more young people have joined the team of community volunteers.The residents care for each other and the community workers cooperate with each other, which is the secret of changshan Garden community.Community work, though trivial, has many valuable experiences.Jilin Changchun Community Cadre College is a special training school for community workers founded by changshan Garden community.In 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the College to learn about its construction and training.He proposed to sum up the good experience and good practice formed in the promotion of practice, and constantly improve the advanced and systematic nature of education and training.There was no training during the Spring Festival, so teachers at the college used the time to finish editing the latest textbooks in advance.This is the 12th textbook they have compiled since the general secretary came to the college.Zhou Mianzheng, vice president of changchun Community Leadership College in Jilin province, said, “After the general secretary’s visit, we came up with a new idea: a physical college and a virtual college for students to study online.By the end of 2021, our school has held 168 online and offline training courses, among which 73,000 students have been trained.We hope that our academy training will enable more and more communities to have more beautiful scenery, kinder neighborhoods and more comfortable lives.”2022 is a Spring Festival, and the happy story of Changshan Garden community will continue.