One returnee from Nantong tested positive for nucleic acid

2022-05-06 0 By

Nantong, February 15 (People’s Daily Online) — One COVID-19 returnee tested positive in the city’s nucleic acid test on February 15, according to the COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Nantong.After receiving the report, the emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control in Nantong city and district was immediately activated. Various prevention and control measures were carried out quickly, and screening, testing, control and environmental sampling and testing of all relevant persons were in progress.Nantong requires all inbound and outbound travelers to report to their communities and work units as soon as possible, and cooperate with them in implementing corresponding health management measures.We will comprehensively strengthen social meeting control, stop unnecessary gatherings, and in principle refrain from offline festivals, large conferences, get-togethers, sports competitions and other activities.Scenic area in enclosed places, cultural centers, museums, libraries and other indoor and cultural sites, gym, swimming pool, indoor sports fitness place such as yoga, dance room, cinema, cafe, KTV entertainment such as karaoke bars, dance halls, games, game, public bath, beauty salons, foot bath shop, health care massage shops and other places of business services at 50% of the capacity of current limit.All chess and card rooms, mahjong rooms will be suspended.In addition, all public places, government offices, enterprises and public institutions, and residential communities in Nantong have strengthened control, taking temperature at entrances, checking health codes and travel cards.Government agencies, enterprises and public institutions, and residential communities (villages) shall strictly investigate and inspect foreign personnel and vehicles, and do a good job in health screening and information registration.Retail pharmacies in the city should strictly implement the real-name purchase registration system of “four types of drugs”, including antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic, and do a good job in reporting abnormal drug purchase information.Shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other public places, as well as taxis, buses and other public transport vehicles, should strictly implement measures such as temperature checking, code checking, wearing masks, ventilation and disinfection.The Joint COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Nantong city also reminded citizens to strictly implement personal protective measures such as frequent hand washing, “one-meter noodles” and scientific wearing of masks.In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the nearby fever clinic in time, and actively report whether there is a history of travel to high-risk areas.Take personal protection and avoid public transportation during the visit.