The unmarried mothers are suing the health commission for maternity insurance, and one detail is puzzling

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Mengmeng (pseudonym), a shenzhen woman who gave birth out of wedlock, sued the Shenzhen Health Commission for maternity insurance, which has attracted online attention.The woman did not get a marriage certificate because the ceremony was not held for family reasons, but she had already given birth.Although in the hospital to establish birth records, and went to the police station to the baby into the registered permanent residence.But there was no marriage certificate.The Health Commission did not push her birth registration information, so the system could not check her birth registration information, so she could not enjoy maternity insurance, and she could not get paid during maternity leave.So Meng Meng began a maternity insurance administrative litigation.From the open information can be understood, dream dream is engaged in legal work, very clear provisions of the law, but also know a lot of ways to protect rights.Perhaps through the efforts of one person, the legal regulations can be shaken, but we should consider the cost and cost of changing this regulation, whether it will cause negative results and adverse reactions in the society, whether there will be a negative demonstration effect.Procreation is one’s own right, marriage is one’s own freedom, but this right and freedom should also be restricted by the law.Otherwise, the structure of social machinery will become chaotic and affect the sound development of society.If there is no normal marriage and family, the growth of children will be affected, easy to form a narrow and bigoted world view.Since dream dream is to learn law, why to challenge the authority of law?Every word and punctuation mark of the law has its sacred place, and it is best not to be capricious in front of the law.If everyone has to change the law according to their own preferences, then the law has no value and need to exist.No matter what things must have rules to follow, now people’s legal awareness is becoming stronger and stronger.Dream dream marriage freedom also no force can stop.Even if the family does not agree with your marriage, they can make their own decisions to apply for marriage certificate.To hold your destiny in your own hands is a king, not bronze.Of course, I hope the dream dream can be successfully solved under the framework of the law to give all unmarried mothers a wake up.But one detail is puzzling and alarming.In order to obtain their so-called rights and interests, the dream of the initiative to contact multiple family organizations.The diverse Family Network hired and paid for a pro bono lawyer for her.It is truly alarming that things have come to this.Although there is no legal prohibition on plural families, it is morally and ethically impossible to advocate plural families, at least not in the open.This unhealthy view of marriage, influenced by decadent western ideas, has corrupted the excellent qualities of the Chinese nation. We must stand up and publicly oppose and criticize this phenomenon.If unwed mothers, same-sex marriage, test-tube biracial children and so on become fashionable and pursued by people, our society will surely pay a high price, and the cultural dignity of the whole nation will be seriously challenged.It is the best choice to make every healthy family become a high quality social cell and cultivate the baby to establish a sunny and cheerful world view.