True story: A 27-year-old boy in Shanghai had abdominal pain and had no exhaust for 3 days. Doctor: The treatment cost is unlimited

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In front of this sitting on the toilet to defecate the guy called xiao Li, now he has been in the toilet for half an hour of time, looking at his red face, we can know that he has been very hard.However, even with all the strength, xiao li is still no to the feeling of nature, you know, the usual he want to go to the toilet three times in a day and is a habit of a firm, but since yesterday, don’t go to the toilet, xiao li doesn’t even have a fart to put out, all the things are piling up in his colon, suppress have small stomach.With the sound of the toilet flushing, Xiao Li’s wife, Xiao Gao, quickly helped her husband out of the toilet, “is it more comfortable to discharge?””Still not out, not a fart.”Looking at her husband covering her stomach with pain on his face, Xiao Gao asked with concern, “No, let’s go to the hospital. What can we do if we suppress our body?””Nothing, just constipation, these days eat more vegetables and fruits will be good.”However, after two days, Xiao Li still can not defecate normally, now he can no longer hold up, let his wife quickly take himself to the emergency room, now his stomach has pain to stand up.His wife saw this, quickly helped her husband up the car, and then toward the direction of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital to open.When the two entered the emergency room, Xiao Li could not stand up at all, could only squat on the ground, hands tightly pressing his stomach, constantly issued a burst of grief.A cry of pain soon summoned the doctor on duty that night. “What’s the matter, young man?””I haven’t defecated for a few days, and my stomach hurts.”The doctor hurriedly help small li to sickbed, then ask his condition as usual, “do not defecate right, have vomit?””Yes, I ate food and drank medicine in the morning, and then I threw up.”The doctor then gently pressed li’s stomach repeatedly and moved it to a different place in order to determine what was wrong.When the doctor pressed the abdomen position, Xiao Li again let out a painful cry. Based on his condition and a simple examination, the doctor thought xiao Li was just a common intestinal obstruction and wanted to prescribe some medicine for him.”Doctor, is this medicine for pain or for bowel movements?He hasn’t had a normal bowel movement for three days.”Hear this sentence, the doctor prescribing hand immediately stopped, “three days without defecation?That’s not right. I’ll check again.”However, when the doctor just stood up and planned to re-examine Xiao Li, Xiao Li suddenly lay on the bed, his hands tightly covered his stomach, hard to suppress the pain from his stomach, and this time, it seems to be more pain.Seeing Xiao Li’s situation is more and more serious, the doctor decided to postpone the examination first, let Xiao Li no longer feel so uncomfortable is the right thing.So, the doctor will arrange a nurse, to Xiao Li shot analgesic, see if you can alleviate xiao Li’s symptoms.As the drug gradually play a role in the body, Xiao Li’s painful expression gradually eased, the spirit also gradually concentrated, no longer so lax.See Xiao Li’s pain problem has been solved, the next, the doctor is going to solve the physiological problems for him, under the doctor’s signal, Xiao Li was pushed into the operating room, and then here for Xiao Li to do an enema operation, this is a very simple small operation, not after a while completed.Feeling the strange feeling in the stomach, Xiao Li ran to the toilet with his fastest speed, will be blocked in his body for three days of excreta all out.Feeling relaxed body, Xiao Li felt his disease has been good, “I said just simple constipation, an enema is good.”Looking at her happy husband in front of her, Xiao Gao’s heart was finally relaxed at that moment, and she even had the mood to play with her mobile phone.At this time, the doctor walked over and again pressed Xiao Li’s stomach, “does it hurt?It doesn’t hurt anymore. Let’s have a checkup and see what’s going on.”Inspection?Isn’t the husband simply constipated?Although doubtful, Xiao Gao took her husband for a full-body CT examination just in case.After finishing the examination, Xiao Li happily sat on the sickbed and went home to sleep after waiting for the result.However, while he was waiting for the results, a pain came again in his stomach, this time more painful than ever, so that he kept writhing in the hospital bed.”Doctor, what’s wrong with him? Why does he feel worse?Let’s give him another bowel and let him go to the bathroom again.”The doctor looked at continuous rolling, xiao li brows knit together tightly, in theory, general of intestinal obstruction were acute, are basically caused by intestinal adhesion, as long as through the enema can improve, but, now that you’ve done enema, xiao li and have successful eduction shit, so there is no need for second enema, if need be,Then other factors should be considered to cause intestinal obstruction, and tumor cannot be ruled out.However, now the CT results have not come out, the doctor did not dare to xiao Li arbitrary treatment, not only for Xiao Li is not responsible, but also for the doctor this occupation blasphemy.Therefore, the doctor immediately arranged a person to urge the CT results, and then carefully observed xiao Li’s present situation.Not for a while, the assistant came back with the CT results of Xiao Li. The doctor immediately picked them up and carefully analyzed the situation on the photo.At the same time, Xiao Gao watched the doctor’s face closely, hoping that the examination had been a fluke.”No, it’s a tumor that caused intestinal obstruction, and given the patient’s toilet habits, it’s most likely colon cancer.”Hear this sentence, xiao li and gao doubt yourself to listen to wrong, don’t believe her ears, they just married half a year, two people not to have children, is to be able to pass their own “two people” world, but now he’s going to, not only children have no sweet “two people” world also reduced to naught, like a giant hammer handle for the inspection report,Hit both of them hard in the heart.At this time, two people think back to my normal life, her husband xiao li because of work reasons, often work overtime in the company, stay up all night, what are the norm, in order to catch the progress of the work, sometimes even forgot to eat dinner, wait really hungry can not stand, will from the Internet is called a take-away casual dining, no nutrition in a few minutes away all the food,And keep working.No matter have a meal irregular, still have a meal time length, buried for present colonic cancer deep foreshadowing.Next, no matter what causes it, now colon cancer has been raging in Xiao Li’s body, how to solve this fatal problem, is the key to solve now.”Doctor, does my husband really have cancer?Is it serious?Is there any help now?””Right now it’s just a tumor, and whether it’s cancer or not, we have to see if it’s metastasized, and if it’s not, it’s benign, it’s excised, but if it’s metastasized, it depends on how much it’s metastasized and whether there’s an opportunity for surgery.From what we have seen so far, it is indeed cancer and has metastasized.”Hearing this result, the wife’s nerve, which had been pushed to the extreme, was finally broken.Along with xiao Gao’s emotional breakdown, her behavior is also a little out of control, directly rushed out of the hospital building, came to the open space outside the door.Feel the cool wind outside, gao mood some ease down gradually, in really don’t know how should tell her husband about this, after all, xiao li is only 27 years old, this age should be the most beautiful stage in life, is also our best age, the pursuit of a dream, however, xiao li but at this age, the lethal cancers,It’s a big shock to anyone.Therefore, even though Xiao Gao had calmed down outside the door for a long time, she still couldn’t make up her mind to tell her husband.So, after a long time, Xiao Gao went back to the doctor’s office. “Doctor, I have something to ask you…””I know what you’re trying to say. After all, you’re too young. It’s understandable.However, when Xiao Li learned that she had cancer, she did not break down and cry as everyone expected, but was very calm, and even calm some terrible.After a long time, Xiao Li finally said a word: “Doctor, I want to know if I want to treat this disease, about how much money need to prepare?””It is difficult to say, everyone’s condition is different, the cost of the need is not the same, if it is early, maybe 100,000 or even tens of thousands is enough, but if the diffusion is very serious, it is not easy to say, like a bottomless pit, can not estimate the upper limit.”Hear this sentence, xiao Li in silence down, constantly thinking about what.After all, he was born in a rural area and his family was not rich. Even though he had worked very hard in Shanghai, he only saved less than 200,000 yuan.If he had terminal cancer, it would be a drop in the bucket.So, after gao to discuss with his wife, two people decided to discharge from Shanghai ruijin hospital, plans to return to his hometown, then find a local hospital for treatment of authority, as a result, in addition to spending is more economical compared with Shanghai, if which naive said he is not in the, also need not trouble themselves from Shanghai to home, in addition to this,Xiao Li still has medical insurance can be used, now the national policy is more and more close to the people, so that many people who look down on the disease are back to health, so, Xiao Li will this time all hope, to the country.I hope in the future, Xiao Li can smoothly receive treatment, as soon as possible healthy discharge.At the same time, the story also tells us that it is good to work hard, but it must be completed under the condition of ensuring good health, which is the real success.