Community residents are actively involved in epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-07 0 By

On January 13, the second needle road family hospital was built in the urban area. The reporter learned that since the establishment of the epidemic prevention and control point on January 10, the residents of the family hospital have actively participated, some on duty at the gate of the community, and some donated materials to jointly protect their homes.At the epidemic prevention and control point of erzhen Family Affiliated Hospital, several volunteers in red vests measure the temperature of people passing by and register vehicle information.These volunteers are residents of the Second Needle Family Hospital.It is understood that there are 256 households in the hospital, a total of 800 people.On the afternoon of January 10, Liu Qingyun, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the hospital, posted a message on the wechat group of residents, organizing the establishment of the epidemic prevention and control center of the hospital.When residents saw it, 41 people signed up that afternoon.At present, the hospital’s epidemic prevention and control duty list has been scheduled until January 17.Liu Qingyun told reporters that the registration of 41 residents, there are Party members, college students, retired workers, some of the husband and wife to participate.Resident Li Cuie e, who has lived in erzhen family Hospital for decades, signed up immediately after seeing the news of the establishment of the epidemic prevention and control center.”I’ve retired, and it’s only right to do something for everyone,” Ms. Lee said.Residents Xia Shuping and Xu Ximei also signed up for duty at the epidemic prevention and control point.Xia Shuping also contributed their own tents to help the staff on duty to escape the cold.”Many of the residents who have signed up this time are experienced in previous epidemic prevention and control work.”Liu qingyun said.