Hohhot is striving to control the epidemic in a latent period

2022-05-07 0 By

According to the press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Hohhot (Session 6), under the strong guidance of the Working group of the Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council and the working group of the autonomous Region, and under the unified leadership of the City’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Hohhot will organize experts to further intensify research and judgment, formulate and improve prevention and control measures in real time.We will continue to step up epidemiological investigations and control groups at risk, treat patients well, further expand screening, speed up risk screening, curb community transmission and bring the epidemic under control within a incubation period.At the press conference, Wang Dawei, deputy director of Hohhot CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, urged citizens to take the initiative to fulfill their personal responsibility for prevention and control, adhere to personal protection, go out less, gather less, strengthen health monitoring, adhere to the standard of wearing masks, wash hands frequently, keep one meter distance and other good health habits.We will actively support and cooperate with nucleic acid testing and implement epidemic prevention and control measures.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, do not contact others, and go to the fever clinic in time under the premise of personal protection.(Reporter Xu Yue Wang Yajing) Source: Grassland client