Lanzhou is a good place to enjoy the Silk Road rain

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Gansu is the only provincial capital to cross the Yellow River.It is a fortress on the ancient Silk Road, with profound historical and cultural deposits and rich tourism resources.You can meet the flying swallows here, enjoy the silk Road flower rain, and enjoy the famous falling sandstone on the bank of the Yellow River.The Reader, which has exerted a profound influence on the Chinese people in the past 30 years, is located at the Dunhuang Art Museum in Jiuquan city, Gansu Province.Wuquan Mountain Park Wuzhishan National Forest Park is located at the north foot of Mount Gao in the south of Lanzhou city, Gansu Province. It is mainly composed of the Famous Wuyan Spring and ancient Buddhist buildings. It is more than 1,600 meters above sea level and covers an area of 267,000 square meters, consisting of more than ten buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, covering an area of more than one meter.In 2013, the site was listed on the National List of Cultural Relics under Protection. Baiyunguan is a place of Worship for Laozi by Emperor Xuanzong of tang Dynasty. It is called Tianchang Guan.During the reign of King Sejong, the temple was renamed tianchang Temple due to its expansion and rebuilt at the end of the Jin Dynasty.It is home to many valuable cultural relics, including a Ming dynasty edition of The Orthodox Taoist Collection, a Tang dynasty stone sculpture of Laozi, and a Collection of Yin Fu Jing and Song Xue Dao dao by zhao Meng ð ¯, a great calligrapher of the Yuan DynastyZhengning Road Night Market, is the largest night market in Chengguan District of Lanzhou city, located in the downtown, a long street, bright lights, all kinds of snacks.Every night, hundreds of stalls are lined up in an orderly line, and passers-by stare at their loud shouts.Pastries include: grilled fish, roast meat, grilled mutton skewers, stinky tofu, cold noodles, French fries, sheep’s head, marinated noodles, sweet wine, almond juice and so on.East Xijin Road, qilihe Of Jintianguan, opposite west Lake Park, was built in the first year (1400) of King Sukang of Jianwen Emperor of Ming Dynasty, covering an area of 54 mu. It was built in the reign of King Sukang of Jianwen Emperor of Ming Dynasty.Before this, tang called Yunfeng Temple, Song called Jiuyang view.Because it is located in the west of the city, in the five elements and the west are all gold, hence the name “Jin Tianguan”.The Lanzhou Stele Forest displays the famous stele inscriptions of all dynasties in Gansu, such as Xixia Chinese, Xixia Stele, Han-Tibetan stele, Xining King stele in Han and Mongolian, Basi-bawen Zhenhai Temple stele, Wang Renyu Shendao Stele, Princess Honghua stele and so on.The east and West stele Corridors display the works and letters of famous people in Shaanxi