New E, new L, new B, new N, new G “Saved and saved”

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The end of the holiday a few days there will be a net friend said the holiday very tired to work to have a good rest but immigration control police guard never “fishing” below please appreciate the universe super handsome love you more than I can say, editor of the little brother to bring new E, L, B, N, G the five local immigration management police “saved to save” new e. BoZhou ala shan kou port border police station on February 1Alashankou, Xinjiang (Xinhua) — Strong winds blew snow on some roads in Alashankou, Xinjiang, On Thursday afternoon, causing vehicles to become trapped. Alashankou border police station quickly organized immigration management police to carry out emergency rescue, clearing snow for vehicles, and finally successfully pushed vehicles out of the trapped area.In the early morning of February 11, heavy snow suddenly fell in the mountain area of Hami region, and 2 herdsmen were trapped on their way to the animal husbandry point in the mountain.After learning of the situation, qianshan border police station immigration management police rushed to the people trapped, using shovels to clear the snow, after half an hour of unremitting efforts, the vehicle successfully trapped.New B· Changji Dahuang Shuiquan Border police station, 00:32 February 11, Xinjiang, Changji Prefecture dahuang Shuiquan border mountainous area suddenly heavy snow, herdsmen vehicles trapped in the snow, in need of rescue.After receiving the alarm, changji border management detachment big Huangquan border police station immigration management police immediately carried rescue tools to the people trapped in the site, after an hour of efforts, the vehicle successfully out of the trapped area.New n. aksu British art border police station on Feb. 9, the vehicle to the British, damming, trapped in the ice, could not move, aksu, xinjiang border management team the British art border police station immigrants police immediately to the scene to carry relief, through the use of pick ice-breaking, hands moving ice, successful make vehicles were bailed out.New G· Tacheng Halakham Border Police Station on February 6, tacheng Yumin county in part of the wind of 9, the formation of wind blowing snow weather, resulting in vehicles trapped.After receiving the alarm, tacheng Border Management Detachment Halakham Border Police Station immigration management police immediately rushed to 219 National Road 9 Lianka Yingde bridge to carry out rescue, through the use of snow shovel digging, human carts, and other methods, successfully rescued the trapped vehicles one hour later.Immigration police always keep safe ❤️❤️❤️ source: National Immigration Administration