Parents note: the child’s face has 3 kinds of abnormal, or suggest the spleen and stomach injury

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The spleen and stomach is in charge of the digestion of the human body, as well as the absorption of nutrients, and can also help regulate the metabolism of the human body. It can be said that the role of the spleen and stomach involves all aspects of the body.Therefore, to maintain the spleen and stomach in an important position, especially the child’s spleen and stomach, because the child is developing, a little attention will hurt the spleen and stomach.Children’s spleen and stomach problems, most of them are the wrong way of feeding, for example, children eat too much food that is not easy to digest, eat too much, or eat junk food, are caused by spleen and stomach problems.So raise the child to raise the child’s spleen and stomach first, daily let the child eat some easy to digest, helpful to the spleen and stomach food.There are three kinds of abnormal child face, spleen and stomach or have “rotten into net” 1, as the saying goes, your mouth spleen and begin to understand the oral, by mouth can determine whether children of spleen and stomach health, if discover the child’s pale lips, that a child weak spleen and stomach, lip yellow, is taste hot and humid, JiShi, if the child is black lips, spleen and stomach function an exception occurs.When the child’s mouth is easy to dry, easy to dry skin, parents should pay attention to see whether the child’s spleen and stomach is abnormal, normal children’s lips are ruddy, usually pay attention to observation.2, thick bags, bad spleen and stomach will also cause abnormal eyes, the general spleen and stomach is not good, there will often be dark circles under the eyes, will also cause eye bags enlargement, the skin becomes loose.This is because there are problems with the spleen and stomach, the metabolism will be abnormal, the toxins in the body will not be eliminated, will accumulate in the human body, causing children to sleep badly, loss of appetite, weakness, and so on, and then affect the eyes, dark circles, bags under the eyes.3, the nose is often heard that the nose color green abdominal pain, this is abnormal nose color, but also a performance of the spleen and stomach failure, we should pay attention to, this is because the nose is connected with the spleen and stomach, when the spleen and stomach problems, digestive dysfunction, the nose will become green.This is a significant symptom of the spleen and stomach, also listen to the old man said, nose green children easy to cry, this is because the child’s spleen and stomach problems, the body will appear discomfort, will cause the child crying.Want children spleen and stomach good, often eat 1 thing, strong spleen and stomach want children spleen and stomach better, you need to pay attention to the child’s diet, but also the child’s sleep quality and more exercise, also want to let the child often eat this nutrient.Research found: lemon, can play an appetizing role, can enhance the resistance of the spleen and stomach, relieve indigestion, help digestion, help children eat more.The combination of Yam and hericium mushroom can increase the activity of the spleen and stomach, promote the digestion of food, balance the gastrointestinal flora, assist the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, reduce the burden of the spleen and stomach, and improve the operation of the spleen and stomach.Among them, zinc-rich selenium protein can assist the growth of children’s bones, help children grow healthily, also can alleviate children’s picky anorexia, enhance children’s immunity.Children accumulate food, halitosis, can let children add some after meals, help to eliminate food accumulation, improve halitosis, enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, but also help children grow.In addition, you can let children do some exercise after meals, help to fast digestion of food, can also reduce the burden of the stomach, and exercise can also improve the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, enhance the immunity of the spleen and stomach, it can be said that the benefits of exercise are many.Can also help short children, promote the growth of bones, improve children short, promote the discharge of toxins in the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach can slowly restore health.Finally, children should keep enough sleep, enough sleep can also ensure that the spleen and stomach gradually restore health, but also stimulate the secretion of growth hormone.The spleen and stomach get enough rest, can also restore the function of transport and transformation, the normal operation of the spleen and stomach, the body will become healthy, 8 hours of sleep a day, is conducive to the healthy growth of children.