Provincial Party Committee theory study center group held “CPC Discipline Inspection Commission work Regulations” special study meeting

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Zhejiang news client reporter Liu Leping February 7 afternoon, the provincial party committee theory learning center group held a special study, in-depth study of the “Chinese Communist Party Discipline Inspection Commission work regulations”, study the deployment of clean Zhejiang construction related work.Zhejiang news reporter client Hu yuan yong perturbation theory study group provincial party committee held the communist party of China commission for discipline inspection work regulations thematic learning in order to implement the “regulations” unswervingly promote the comprehensive governing party in zhejiang depth development Yuan Jiajun preside over the meeting and speech New Huang Jianfa Wang Haohuang li to attend the 7th afternoon,Provincial Party Committee theory learning center group held a special study, in-depth study of the “CPC Discipline Inspection Commission work Regulations”, study the deployment of clean Zhejiang construction related work.Provincial Party Secretary Yuan Jiajun presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Wang Hao, Huang Lixin, Huang Jianfa and other members of the provincial party committee’s theoretical learning center group attended the meeting, Liu Jie, Xu Luode made an exchange speech.Relevant deputy provincial leading cadres and heads of relevant provincial units attended the meeting.Yuan Jiajun points out, we will faithfully follow the regulations xi general secretary important discourse about the comprehensive governing party spirit, refinement of the party constitution regulations, integrated discipline inspection regulations system construction since the eighteenth big achievement, is the first comprehensive history of our party system specification basic central commission for discipline inspection work of inner-party laws and regulations, to our deep feeling “two established” the decisive significance,We should lead the great social revolution with the great self-revolution, embark on a new road to the examination, learn and appreciate the experience and achievements in comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline since the 18th National Congress, and give full play to the strength of the socialist system, especially the oversight system.It is of great significance to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, uphold the centralized, unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, deepen efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, and modernize the system and capacity for governance of the Party and the country.Yuan Jiajun stressed that to implement the “byelaw” as an opportunity to put the regulations reflect new ideas, new ideas of the new strategy and the system arrangement, implementation to the comprehensive governing party each work, to carry out the construction of high level clean plan deployment, in zhejiang province of the yan advocate fundamental key hold on for a long time, accelerate the construction of party building new era highlands, clean the highlands,Accelerate the formation of a number of significant practical achievements, theoretical achievements and institutional achievements with zhejiang recognition, unswervingly promote the in-depth development of comprehensive and strict party governance in Zhejiang.We must firmly implement the “two establishment” and “two maintenance” into action, and earnestly ensure that “the General Secretary has the order, the CPC Central Committee has the deployment, Zhejiang see action”.We must resolutely regulate and guide the sound development of capital, clarify rules for capital traffic lights, and effectively prevent risks of capital imbalance, disorder, and failure to regulate.We must resolutely and strictly standardize intraparty political activities and activities, strengthen self-management and raise party consciousness while taking the lead in implementing rules and regulations and upholding their authority.We must resolutely carry out the “three nos”, intensify investigations into bribery and bribery, and ensure that the intensity of strictness is not reduced and the back wall of punishment is firm.We should firmly standardize the principle of “one family, two systems,” build pro-Qing political and business relations, and strive to build provinces that take the lead in demonstrating pro-Qing political and business relations.We will resolutely strengthen dykes and DAMS that make up the eight-point code of conduct stipulated by the CPC Central Committee, thoroughly identify the underlying causes of common and recurring problems, and strive to establish a long-term mechanism for improving our work style.We must resolutely strengthen oversight over the “top leaders” and leading bodies, and encourage them at all levels to exercise strict self-discipline, fulfill their responsibilities, and exercise strict supervision over their jurisdiction.Yuan jiajun stressed, to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, grasp the implementation of the Regulations.Party committees (leading Party groups) should fulfill their principal responsibilities, make good use of the “seven-point list”, strengthen their leadership over the discipline inspection commissions at the corresponding levels, and strengthen the construction of discipline inspection commissions of departments and organs.The commission for Discipline Inspection should implement the supervision task, give play to the “main force” role of the commission for discipline inspection at all levels, comprehensively and systematically perform various tasks and responsibilities, and strive to promote the standardization of the rule of law and regularization construction;Party work organs should carry out functional oversight, carefully check various intra-Party regulations, fulfill the principal responsibilities of their own units, departments and systems, give full play to their functions and roles, and assist party committees in organizing and implementing the decisions and arrangements for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline.