Will aunt be pulled from the hole by magnetic force under the island of ghosts?

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****TalkOP Kaido – One Piece Forum – One Piece Discussion forum ****2022.2.4********* ********* Just started reading the detailed text information of this sentence, especially at the end of Luo’s declaration that “your era is over”, I thought Kidd and Luo had definitely beaten Dama.After how intelligence full graph comes out, feeling old ma falls this matter is doubtful.One, luo’s attack on aunt’s effect is doubtful.Luo’s move and Kidd’s move both have the same effect of “spitting blood + rolling eyes”, but after taking Luo’s move, ma immediately ordered Hormitz to “three Thousand li” attack Luo.Kidd’s attack is exactly the same as Rowe’s.After taking luo’s big move, Dama could not only attack Luo immediately, but also stand up to catch Kidd’s next move.Rowe’s big move is already a topo-destroying fruit awakening move, but given that the two captains are in the same position, Kidd’s big move should be about the same, not much more.After Lou’s big move, Ma can get up, after Kidd’s big move, Ma can lie flat, then Kidd and Lou’s next words will not stop fighting.If by luo “piercing fluctuations and kidd” electromagnetic gun “two damage accumulation crushed Boyle, it at least take that for the first time, oda should give the aunt a tip sharp weak, such as the elbow panting would stand up, and then looked up hard after Jason kidd’s secondary attack, rather than stand up on its own can also and Jason kidd DaZui cannon.I have seen the “spitting blood and rolling eyes” of the four emperors for many times when the nine men in red scabbard “beat” Kaido.Second, the composition of the last page is questionable.Judging from the composition of the last page, 1, Kidd’s attack, 2, Aunt’s white eyes, 3, Luo’s declaration of victory, this lacks a confirmation of the defeat of the enemy compared to Oda’s conventional KO.In the past, the enemy’s defeat process was: 1, the hero’s big attack, 2, the enemy’s blood and eyes, 3, the hero’s declaration of victory, 4, the enemy’s defeat confirmation.For example, when Luffy KO flamenco, 1, Luffy’s fourth attack, 2, Mingo was knocked into the ground, 3, Luo and Corazon’s memories constitute the victory declaration of “D is the natural enemy of God”, 4, Mingo glasses broken symbolizing that Mingo was completely defeated.In contrast, Oda manipulated the confirmation of the enemy’s defeat in Mingo’s fake defeat.1. Luo’s “Fight against electric Shock”; 2. Mingo coughs up blood; 3. Luo’s victory declaration, “Die, devil”; 4.And then in the next frame, he stood up creepily.Take Sauron as a case, when he beat Pika, 1, big trick three thousand world (on the previous page), 2, Pika white eyes cough blood, 3, Sauron victory declaration “don’t give me trouble”, 4, Pika’s body “straight” fell on behalf of his total defeat.Shines defeat sauron, 1, 1, knives, and cut off wild fire dragon skills wings (respectively in a large across the page and the words at the beginning), 2, kindle supercilious coughing up blood, 2.5, continue to stare state hemoptysis (let me recall the kay eldest brother) 3, the declaration of sauron victory “the king of hell, when just when what are the” 4, shines falling from the sky, broken wing angel represents no comeback.So there shouldn’t be a close-up of the woman’s face, or her hands lying on the ground, before Luo says, “Your time is over.”Of course, Sauron solve embers, is in the last sentence of a big page, it is also possible that the aunt fell close-up and Sauron solve embers, appear on the first page of the next sentence.Three, from the title of this word “leading actor”, is the most evil generation pull down the four emperors, become the meaning of the strongest voice of The Times, the possibility of aunt fall is very big.The land of Peace is a Kabuki form, it has been confirmed that Kidd and Luo are the leading roles, the old aunt is also a natural exit, do not know whether it is really down or smoke.You know, luo this move put a big hole through the whole island of ghosts, if, just say if the next word of the old woman stood up as if nothing happened, “what is your again?”Kidd: “Trafalgar…Together, give S — tower.”Rolfe: baton.Kidd: “Give N — aunt.”The tower that had just been smashed by auntie’s head flew “whoosh” through the hole that Lou had made, and then Kidd’s magnetic force pulled Auntie down through the hole that ran through the island of ghosts.Aunt: “Ah?Aaargh!”Kidd: “I’m tired, don’t want to tangle with you this old woman, I said not to let you on the roof of the.”Rolfe: “Don’t you tell me what to do, Eustace!”Dama follows the tower and falls through a hole in the Island of Ghosts, with Luo and Kidd still in the lead roles and Dama indeed “out”.Of course, since this hole is also connected to the powder magazine, Yamato: “Great, there is a hole, I throw bombs.”What do you call it when bombs keep falling on old ladies? The law of inertia.