@ Yangpu, come and get your union e-membership card!There are so many benefits waiting for you

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You often see all kinds of labor union benefits, want to enjoy a button?According to the municipal Federation of Trade Unions, since 18:00 on February 15,
“Trade Union services” entered “With the Bid”,
Turn on your phone and you can get your e-membership card,
Enjoy a variety of union services and membership benefits.
Get an e-membership card To enjoy union services & Member benefits one step to get an e-membership card
Open the application with application app, wechat or Alipay
Enter the home page of the application and click “Trade Union Service”
If you are already a member of Shanghai Trade Union, you will see the page where you have successfully obtained your e-membership card
What union services are available?
You can enjoy
About a dozen union services
For example, if you click on the icon, you can see the amount of money you’re eligible for and more membership benefits
Everyone can get it
As long as you are a member of the Shanghai trade union, no matter you are a Shanghai mobile user or a Shanghai telecom user, you can get 10G free flow without rob, no quota everyone has!If you are an employee who pays social security in Shanghai and does not have a trade union, you can scan the code to join the employer or live in the Street town Comprehensive Trade Union Federation and fill in the information and select the street
Congratulations, you’ve joined a union and now you can enjoy more than a dozen union services and a host of membership benefits!If you have not paid social security in Shanghai, you need to consult the labor union of your unit or your street for membership matters. Note: If you have any questions, you can call 12351