Yongan: Actively carry out learning from Lei Feng activities

2022-05-07 0 By

During the 59th “3.5” Learning Lei Feng Day, Yong ‘an Rural Professional Technical Association, relying on its own technical advantages, actively carried out a series of spring farming activities with the theme of “volunteering to practice Lei Feng spirit science and technology to help stabilize agricultural yield and increase production”.One is to organize members of the association to hongtian Town, Dake village, Huainan town Xihua village held 2 times of science and technology to the countryside publicity activities, the site display of green food production standards and other display boards 10, issued more than 200 copies of all kinds of publicity materials, the site to answer all kinds of questions 30.Second, in-depth HongTian, huai nan, small tao GanJieYuan, early honey in the town of nursery, vegetable greenhouses, corn planting base on-site guidance and big walcott HongTian town early honey farmers’ professional co-operatives, yongan huai south leap vegetable farmers’ professional co-operatives, yongan huai in the hui family farm and 16 farmers how to do the pest control, water management, agricultural products certification, etc.,We will take concrete actions to practice lei Feng’s spirit and help stabilize and increase agricultural output.(Wang Dongmei, Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Yong ‘an)