A corpse by the sea is still positive for COVID-19 41 days after death!There have been mass transmission of corpses in Japan before

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East coast of Italy recently found a man who drowned corpse is shocking for 28 consecutive 41 days after the death of the man will be coronavirus detection results are positive, according to British media reported on the 15th the dead for the Ukrainian, 41 years old, before the accident with friends in the central Italian city beach swimming, because of the bad weather, unfortunately missing.The man’s body was found near a rock 16 hours later.In the 41 days that followed, the Italian forensic authorities carried out 28 routine novel coronavirus tests on the bodies, all of which tested positive.However, the man had no obvious signs of COVID-19 infection.”This is a rare case of the Novel Coronavirus persisting in the body for a long time even after death,” the report said.This is crucial for pathologists to understand how to safely handle cadavers, and further studies on novel coronavirus infectivity will be carried out, the researchers said.Between mid-March and April 22, Japan’s National Police Agency said 73 police officers were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.During this period, 15 of the unnatural deaths handled by police officers have been confirmed as Novel coronavirus infection at autopsy.According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun, from mid-March 2020 to April 22, police in 10 prefectures handled a total of 15 COVID-19 corpses.Of the 15 people killed, some died suddenly at home, others collapsed on the road.When handling body “scam” will be coronavirus officers, in aichi prefecture, police confirmed 24 people, most followed by the metropolitan police in charge of the Tokyo metropolitan police 21 people, hyogo prefecture police 14 people, kanagawa prefecture police 4 people, kochi 3 p, saitama, ibaraki prefecture, chiba prefecture, toyama county, Osaka prefecture, and the palace police headquarters, the kanto district police station 1.Since then, Japan’s National Police Agency has asked police to collect information about the deceased from family members, in addition to wearing protective equipment such as gloves and masks, to prevent them from contracting COVID-19.Source: Global Times, Knews new media editor Zhai Yujing