A food delivery man in Nanning was detained for five days after spitting on an elevator button

2022-05-08 0 By

In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the occurrence of uncivilized behavior endangering public health and safety, it is easy to arouse public indignation, a food delivery boy in Nanning was detained!On the evening of February 13, property management staff in a community on Dongming Road, Wuming district, Nanning city, saw a public video of a food delivery man spitting on an elevator button.Wuming police immediately launched an investigation, quickly locked the delivery of food huang mou, and summoned to the police station to accept the investigation.South China Morning Post reporter learned that at about 8 PM, a food delivery worker surnamed Huang from ele. me platform arrived at the community to deliver food. He wanted to enter the community from the underground parking lot, but due to the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control, he had to scan the code at the gate of the community to register.In the meantime, he got into an altercation with the guard at the building.After entering the compound, he became upset and spat on the elevator floor buttons.Huang identified the scene.According to the police investigation, Huang had no history of living in high-risk areas recently, and two nucleic acid tests were negative.Huang said he regretted the incident and apologized to the affected residents and the public, adding that he was willing to take legal responsibility.After that, he also cleaned and disinfected the elevator under the supervision of the police and property management personnel in the community.Huang mou is suspected of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, on February 15, the police according to the relevant provisions of the law on public security management punishment, he was punished by administrative detention for 5 days.Source: South China Morning Post