Let old city residents at ease New Year’s Day Jiangsu road comprehensive law enforcement squadron strictly grasp the catering fume remediation

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 8, Qingdao news network news (reporter li times) to do a good job in the dining lampblack management during the Spring Festival to further improve air quality, jiangsu road street comprehensive law enforcement squadron initiative, since the duty, strengthen prefecture during the Spring Festival catering shops lampblack management work, to early to check the problems of food stores to carry out the “look back”,We will strictly investigate the noise caused by lampblack, which is strongly reported by the public, so that the public can enjoy the Lunar New Year in peace.On February 4, execute the law personnel come to several business during the Spring Festival the jurisdiction of catering shops, check whether the lampblack purification facilities normally install and open mouth, lampblack cleaning in place, do you have any cleaning parameter and the daily record, lampblack purification device is in accordance with the relevant regulations, purification facilities aging line whether there is a problem, found in the inspection pointed out problems in time,Rectify immediately.In particular, the three catering shops found problems in the early inspection were inspected. After the inspection, it was found that the three shops had been rectified.At the same time of law enforcement inspection, law enforcement team members actively carry out legal education, distribute relevant publicity materials to merchants, patiently explain and popularize relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection, and improve the awareness of law abiding and environmental protection of catering business merchants.This round of law enforcement action has dispatched 8 law enforcement team members, inspected more than 10 catering units, supervised the rectification of 2 problems, issued more than 20 leaflets.Next, Jiangsu road and street comprehensive law enforcement squadron will pay close attention to the problem of air pollution prevention and control, continue to carry out the area of restaurants and surrounding enterprise canteen spot check, to control oil smoke protect blue sky as an opportunity, and strive to do practical things, good things to do.