Mobile phone does not charge maintenance cases

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Fault: Your phone runs out of power while you’re using it, turns it off, and can’t be charged.No charge, the problem should not be troublesome, I used the charger to charge, plug the charger in the shutdown state did not find any reaction, is the battery completely exhausted?Another ten minutes of charge, no response.Teardown check out what’s going on, began to methodically split screen, screw, wire of the battery clip, clamp the power table under the test current is normal, a clip on the power holder, stabilized voltage supply immediately drops, large current jump table, (because of regulated power supply has a current protection device, when the current exceeds its threshold, is automatically cut off the power output,The original is not charging, is short circuit does not boot, so charging which reaction to remove the motherboard, one by one to measure the power supply access end.First measure the resistance value of the positive power supply terminal of the battery, P P_ B A T T _V C C, continue to check the resistance value of P P_V D D_M A I N, here it is found that the resistance value is, that is to say, this road is short-circuited to the ground, which leads to the above fault performance.Because there are many components involved along the way, and most of them are in the inner layer, so let’s layer them first.The motherboard is divided into two pieces, and then one by one measurement of two versions of the P P V D D M A I N to the ground resistance, the main C P U board is normal, and the baseband part of this board or to the ground short circuit, that is to say, the fault appeared in this board, we generally treat this short circuit,The fastest and most effective method is to burn the machine magic device (homemade) directly on the way to burn, ziza, a wisp of smoke floating, lock the CAPACITOR C 50 27, hand up and down, pick the capacitor, use a multimeter to measure the resistance to return to normal.Trouble has been eliminated, began to fit, the process is not a description, installed, plug the charger, soon there will be a display battery symbol.Due to a short circuit, the battery has been empty, charged for more than 10 minutes, before starting.The article is from the wechat official account of Repair Lion :FIXHOME