Qinxian rural commercial bank: multi measures and strong service all efforts to create good results

2022-05-08 0 By

Yellow River news network Changzhi news: Qinxian rural commercial bank to grasp the business season favorable opportunity, multiple measures and strong marketing, the formation of a full force of good situation, effectively promoted the “first quarter off to a good start” performance floating red.So far, the bank’s deposits have increased 244 million yuan from the beginning of the year, achieving 80.3% of the first-quarter target, and its loan balance has increased 100 million yuan from the beginning of the year, achieving 90.33% of the first-quarter target.Qin county bank staff promotion of financial products catch early, before the bank robbed mart “in the first start” division of responsibility meeting organization, working details and market research for further communication and discussion, and formulate marketing plan, further clarify the work mentality, coagulation hearts meet force, promote “in the first start get better grades.The organization of the network carefully dress up the network, beautify the hall environment, create a festive atmosphere, and increase the business window, prolong the business hours, do a good job in the hall service.Carry out visit activities, connect with merchants, enterprises and ordinary people, do solid door-to-door service, reserve customers in advance.Put up posters to expand the coverage of publicity.The bank actively optimized the “good start of the first quarter” marketing performance assessment, and implemented daily statistics and weekly reports on the completion of the target, praised the advanced, encouraged the backward, strengthened dynamic management, effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of all the marketing staff.(by)