Zunhua Public Security Bureau helps lost deaf-mute elderly find their families

2022-05-08 0 By

Thousands of lights, protect family reunion.On February 6, the sixth day of the first lunar month, the police of Xisanli Township, Zunhua City public Security Bureau successfully rescued a lost deaf and mute old man and helped him find his family.February 6 at 11 o ‘clock, Xisanli police station received a public alarm said: in Zunhua City Lianhai coal opposite net red street mouth there is a nearly 70-year-old old man wandering in the intersection, suspected missing people need help.After receiving the police, the police on duty immediately rushed to the scene.Police through and nearby residents asked to learn that the old man is not nearby residents, it is likely to be lost, police immediately decided to receive the old man police station after further verification.In the police station, the police tried to find the relatives of the old man by forwarding moments and mobilizing public security activists. After several hours of efforts, the police finally got in touch with the old man’s son.It was nearly noon, the police let the canteen to cook meals for the old man, let the old man eat while waiting for her son.When the son arrived at the police station around 1 p.m., he shed tears when he saw his missing mother.”Thank you very much for helping my mother, but also considerate food for her, let me do children’s special touched, really very grateful” the old man’s son holding the police’s hand said excitedly.When he left, the police specially told his family members to care more about the elderly at ordinary times, to make a contact card for the elderly, write the contact information of the family, as far as possible to let it carry.