51-year-old Shizuka Kudo refuses to age, princess cut with purple lipstick walk “girl style”, dress like the post-00s

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Fleece item has been praised by the people’s favor and welcome, men and women, old and young, seemed to be able to fully accept the fleece of wear take advantage, even now, at the age of 51 rosette, also like to use fleece undertakes collocation, although already years into merely, but she still refuses to accept the old, from hair to wear take a style like after 00.Why the public can be so popular hoodie single product?First of all, starting from its versatile fashion route, whether it is a basic hoodie or a more personalized style, can well achieve the role of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and hoodie can also improve the effect of reducing age, even in grandma’s generation, can also give people a sense of vitality and youth.1. Analysis of make-up and hair of Kudo Shizuka Hoodie wearing styleDiablo series with the princess cut hair makeup look the fleece modelling of rosette, completely can’t see she is taken into the legendary women, especially in the area of hair makeup, bold attempt of the diablo series suction eye makeup look particularly, color purple lipstick became the makeup look bright spot, deserve to go up one size fits all princess cut hair, fine Japanese diablo tying a, princess cut hair bright spot, lies in the bangs and chin length,It can just line up the face, not only make the face small but also very personal.Clothing analysis:Grey hooded printed fleece PeiJun green overalls on the choice of clothing item, rosette is predominantly young girl wind, looks not too bright spot gray hooded fleece, there are the letters printing design ornament, appear more energetic feels dye-in-the-wood, denim overalls and army green, and add a lot of cool feeling, a bit orange dot on the low socks,The effect of wearing boring clothes is broken in an instant.How to avoid the sense of passers-by brought by hoodies?Step 1: improve wear a bright spot, reduce a single sense popular sheet is tasted, such as fleece is easy to wear out the way of people’s feeling, if want to avoid the feeling of people wear build effect, suggest that we can improve the distributing of bright spots can undertake breakthrough from the color, also can choose a few personalized clipping design, minimize the single effect, the ornament of appropriate suction eye sense of accessories is also very good.The second step:Must have numerous are brief, cannot too boast of gilles dress to wear build model must have numerous is brief, if the overall too multifarious, fancy is cheap and vulgar, but too simple will be passer-by feels dye-in-the-wood, so there are numerous have Jane, cannot too exaggeration is wearing a key, give priority to with Jane fleece, bottoms can be integrated into some fashionable element, such as plaid skirt, leopard pleated skirts,Or ripped jeans, can achieve a certain degree of fashion sense.Three, Kudo Shizuka choose some small skills of hoodie skills 1:Low saturation deep tonal collocation more show temperament rosette in choosing who clothing set, will wear colors as a focus, it can control the light color of visual wallop, also can hold the composed air of low saturation color, but with a low degree of saturation, brunet attune for middle-aged women, indeed even more temperament,It’s also easier to take advantage of what you wear.Skills 2: wide under tight highlights the beauty of leg ministry line in addition to the use of color, the choice of clothing design is also a great test, one of the most common wide under tight fit on skill, is built specifically for the fleece, loose hip who dress collocation of cultivate one’s morality leggings, contracted and do not break vogue feeling atmosphere, at the same time also can give a person a kind of very brave.Three skills:Style positioning more show wear take advantages in choosing a fleece sheet is tasted, the positioning of the integral style is also crucial, a lot of people think the style of the fleece is limited, in fact, instead of like this simple dress more match test of your ability, and it has created style to also more diversified, tie-in skirt sexy and energetic, tie-in pants everyday and leisure,Pair it with suspenders for a girlish look.Fashion summary: 1. Hoodies can be matched with a wide range of items, including an elegant lady’s skirt, or versatile classic pants, provided that they are suitable.2. Hoodies collocation skills determine the outstanding advantages of overall wearing. Generally loose hoodies are more inclusive, and matching slim-fitting bottoms are also common.I believe that many people are very fond of hoodies in their daily life, but if they want to create a perfect wearing advantage, they must learn to use color matching styles and matching skills!