Settle!It’s just official!Attention all Shanghainese!It starts on March 24th!

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Psychological consultant to enter oneself for an examination announcement in 2022 Along with society’s progress and development, countries pay more attention to the national mental health and mental health work, in response to the related policy, is now facing a nationwide recruit students, talents aims to cultivate the psychological consultation and examination qualified obtain professional (professional) psychological consultant training certificate,Can be engaged in psychological counseling related work (main or part-time), improve the national psychological quality.Enrollment training shall be organized and arranged by officially authorized units.This batch of limited enrollment of 80 people, no restrictions on household registration, registration deadline to 22:00 this Saturday, full quota will be closed in advance!Officially authorized psychological consultants registration advantage: this examination is not limited to household registration, not limited to the professional test before the special simulation exercise question bank, the pass rate is high this examination is as fast as 3 months to obtain the certificate gold content is high, can be part-time employment to understand the psychological consultants recruitment policy this article is to promote the content