Together, we are building a firewall against the epidemic

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As the Spring Festival peak, epidemic prevention and control pressure, under the strong leadership of the county, the county government, urgent action puding county departments at all levels, organizations actively, the broad masses of medical workers, voluntary service, all party member cadre to carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, under the full cooperation of the people, unity is strength, build the epidemic prevention and control to the firewall.Puding county veterans: epidemic prevention and control on the battlefield of retrograde warriors migrant workers return home during the Spring Festival peak arrival, sounded the horn epidemic prevention and control of the war the charge, puding county of veterans affairs to smell make, release “casting the soul of war outbreak” volunteer service recruiting, joined more than 100 veterans initiative register.Former barracks sweat xian youth, at home to fight the epidemic yong retrograde.The former soldiers in Puding County showed their courage and sense of responsibility again. They actively went out in the cold to carry out epidemic prevention and control publicity, thorough investigation, entry and exit registration, temperature measurement, disinfection spraying, and checkpoint duty. Without any complaints, they fulfilled their original intention and mission of “if there is a war, they will return and the war will be won” with their practical actions.At the same time, puding county towns (streets) have also set up volunteer service teams for retired soldiers.The county has recruited more than 500 retired military volunteers, and the county and village volunteer service teams are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.The epidemic prevention and control work is still continuing. The enthusiasm of the ex-military volunteers has inspired the county’s firm determination to fight against the epidemic, driven the people around them to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control, highlighting the style of the ex-military “never fade after retirement, never give up their ambition”.Monkey field township: in the winter of the party flag “cohesion” epidemic prevention majestic force in front of the epidemic show responsibility, unite as one to build a defense line.In recent days, monkey field township party cadres, young party members, young volunteers become the most beautiful “rebellious”, in order to ensure the people of the whole township on a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, they “epidemic” without turning back, “epidemic” to energetic, with a strong sense of responsibility gathered into a majestic force, day and night fighting in the first line of fighting epidemic disease.We may not be able to see their faces, but we know that they are the most lovable “anti-epidemic warriors”!Houchang township party cadres and traffic police, volunteers on the passing vehicles, especially foreign vehicles of everyone to carry out travel code, nucleic acid detection inspection and registration.”Seeing the bright red party flag, as a party member, THERE is a huge force in my heart to push me to fight in the front line of epidemic prevention.” “I am young, strong resistance, not afraid of cold, I come!”In the face of capricious epidemic, young cadres and party members in Monkey Chang Township, the highest altitude in Puding, have volunteered to be on the “front line” of fighting the epidemic. They braving the cold and guarding every point, only to protect people’s safety and health from importation.It is just such a group of defenders who go all out to defend the “North Gate” for the general people.Fight the epidemic day and night.In the face of sudden importations, monkey cultural station schiscosomiasis linkage, to form a seamless protective system, set up the party members’ volunteer service, they leave home for you, give up to rest, give up reunions, winter cold night, fighting in epidemic prevention and control, “the first line” 24 hours day and night guard at all levels, from main overall ZhaKong, epidemic prevention and control work, the vehicles,In particular, everyone from foreign vehicles should carry out travel codes, nucleic acid testing, inspection and registration, and strive to prevent the importation of the epidemic through strict joint prevention and control measures, and build a high wall of protection for the people of monkey Farm!The party flag is the oath, the oath to bear.On the battlefield of epidemic prevention and control, even in the cold winter night of several degrees below zero, the “red party flag” is always their firm belief in epidemic prevention and control. They stand guard for life and protect health. The bright red Party flag waves in the hearts of everyone in monkey Farm, “rallying” the great strength of the Party and the masses together in epidemic prevention!In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of COVID-19, Puding Zhong-Children Medical Group has allocated TCM preventive decoction according to the Reference Plan for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Guizhou Province (Fourth Edition) issued by the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.They were delivered free of charge to all duty stations and centralized isolation points, injecting TCM power into epidemic prevention and control.Puding County in the child medical group for the frontline staff to send traditional Chinese medicine anti-epidemic soup.On January 28, courtyard party committee YuYang lead pharmacy department and related department staff will boil packed liquid form sent to the county epidemic prevention and control command, some high-speed intersection, part of the epidemic prevention and control service point, the county party committee party school, nursing homes, Lin Cheng concentrated isolated points, such as hotels and some hotel, a line to epidemic prevention staff, volunteers and isolation,We will give full play to the role of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in epidemic prevention and control.Puding County in the child medical group for concentrated quarantine people sent Chinese medicine anti-epidemic soup.At each place, the hospital staff introduced the taking methods and effects of Traditional Chinese medicine decoction in detail.According to reports, the first batch of TCM decoction has been sent out more than 600, for the staff and isolation of the masses to send warmth in winter, played an early intervention, prevention role.Machang Town: The Party and the masses work together in the front line to prevent and control the epidemic. Machang Town has set up three teams, namely, the Party member Pioneer Team, the veterans volunteer team and the college student volunteer service team, with 118 people in each service point to carry out epidemic prevention work.At the same time, we made good use of the three teams of township and village officials and village assistance teams, and assigned more than 80 township officials to service checkpoints and nucleic acid testing sites, and organized personnel to carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.An inspection team has been set up to continuously supervise and inspect the on-duty status of each village and service point during the epidemic period.The big data of Guizhou Social prevention and control, nine service points at the county level, and all villages in the town have been investigated and reported by telephone, and closed-loop management has been carried out to ensure that key personnel are tracked to people, registered and linked in place, so as to keep people at home as much as possible and resolutely block the way of transmission of the epidemic.The staff of the epidemic prevention service point in Machang Town fought on the front line of prevention and control at night.People from 20 villages (communities) in the town actively participated in and supported the epidemic prevention and control work in different forms, fighting the epidemic hand in hand.Xibao Water Plant provided free drinking water for epidemic prevention workers, and clothing stores on the street made epidemic prevention and control armbands for free.People in all villages (communities) responded positively, and worked with party members and officials in their villages and towns and villages to scan codes, measure temperatures, register and eliminate the virus, forming a strong force of mass prevention and control and joint prevention and control, providing strong support for an early victory over the epidemic.The West Fort Water Plant in Machang town provides drinking water free of charge to the epidemic prevention workers.BaiYan Town:Hundreds volunteers epidemic prevention and control work recently, BaiYan Town consists of party members, members of the youth, veterans of hundreds of thousands of volunteer service, in-depth epidemic prevention and control on the line, assist to carry out the prevention checkpoints manned, passengers information screening, policy propaganda, etc, they use their own ability and action to express yourself with a love of home, built a epidemic prevention wall for the people.More than 100 volunteers in Baiyan town participated in epidemic prevention and control work.Chief supervisor: Luo Shiming Review: Luo Hua editor: Su Wei