Two wins away from a Grand Slam!Shelbakova and Sasa grew up together in love

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Russia and The Olympic team won the women’s singles free skating event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 17, 2018.Anna Serbakova was born on February 38, 2004 in Moscow, Russia. She has one sister, Inna, and one sister, Yana.Serbakova started skating at the famous Sambo 70 in 2007 at the age of 3. Her first coach was Oksana Bulycheva.In 2013, the two sides parted ways and Serbakova began training with “face sister” Tuzlitze and Sergei Dudakov.The collaboration with Miss Face was successful, as she won a gold medal in the 2016 Russian Youth Competition, which was crowded with elite athletes.In August 2018, she began to compete in the international junior category. At the JGP Slovakia grand Prix, she beat her compatriot by 18 points to win the gold medal, which is the second highest international score after Trusova and Kostonaya — collectively known as the “Three Little ones”.Later in Canada, she again ranked first in the double event, beating “Taracanova” taracanova by 5 points.But in the junior Grand Prix final, she finished last, losing two free skates in four weeks and finishing fifth.”I really wanted to do a four weeks hook but it didn’t work out, so I’ll do it again next time,” she told media after the race.At the 2019 All-Russia Championships, Serbakova won the fifth place in the short program and the first place in the free skate, beating Trusova by 0.07 points to win the national championship.Serbakova expressed surprise at her victory, noting: “I won very unexpectedly, I didn’t realize what had just happened.”The following December, the trio competed together in the Russian Junior Championships, where Serbakova placed second in the short program and third in the free skate, losing to Trusova and Kostonaya to win the bronze medal. In the free skate, she tried the hook for four weeks but fell.She won the silver medal at the World Junior Championships in March, losing to Trusova.In September 2019, cher backus Eva in Lombardy cup career for the first time to participate in the international junior game, after the short program behind her to “ET” graph g tammy shevchenko and lehmann m. sustainability ranked third, she became the first in the adult group of the free game complete hook around adult women’s singles players, get the gold medal in the adult group debut.Grand prix America, cher backus she became the first in the free twice around the hook, first complete hook around three weeks after the frost of women, and created the world record for the largest single jump, jump, even with a single season she standing in USA and China cup champion, and false to coase toner and won a silver medal in the finals.Russian championships 2020, cher backus Eva short program disadvantage by 10 points behind the coase toner and number two, but she in free for the first time to complete two hook around, and completed the interior point after the ice around, with 2 points less than the overall smooth defending, her grades and even more than the men’s singles champion aliyev.The trio then teamed up to compete in the European Championship, where they all finished on the podium, with Serbakova finishing second.In 2021, cher backus Eva because pneumonia from Russia’s standing at the beginning of the season and until the entire Russian championship on the return of the king, she accompanied by touching the Beethoven’s five secrets, cher backus Eva short program 80.31 points ahead of Mr “, the free after she completed the hook around and interior point around the ice, pressure in her and she,Became the first Russian triple crown winner since Irina Slutskaya from 1999 to 2001.At the World Championships, Serbakova ranked first in the short program and second in the free skate, and finally won the overall result. She won the podium with “ET” Tuktamisheva and “little Sasha” Trussova, becoming the second time since the United States in 1991 that a single country won the women’s singles podium at the World Championships.She also teamed up with Tuktamisheva to win Russia’s three Olympic spots in Beijing.In April, she was part of the Russian team that won gold at the 2021 World Games.In October 2021, Serbakova started her ill-fated season by winning the silver medal in Budapest Cup. With the cancellation of The China Cup, she appeared in The Italian grand Prix and ranked third in the short program. She successfully completed quadruply jump in free skate and won the gold medal.She went on to win the French Grand Prix, beating Costonaia by eight points.At the 2022 Russian Championships, she finished second to Varyeva in the short program, but fell fourth in the free skate on her only quad jump, ending up with a bronze medal and failing to qualify directly for the Winter Olympics.In the 2022 Tallinn European Championships, Serbakova was ranked fourth in the short program hook after falling three weeks and losing consecutive jumps. However, she made a perfect return in the free skate to prove herself. She ranked second in the free skate and won the silver medal after Valieva.Sherbakova, who made her Winter Olympics debut in Beijing in 2022, finished second in the short program with 80.20 points, 1.94 points behind Varyeva and 0.36 points ahead of Third-placed Hanori Sakamoto.In the free skate, she scored 175.75 points, finishing cleanly with four inside ice points twice, 1.38 points behind Trutsova, but pipped Sasha with 255.95 points after favourite Varyeva collapsed in her free skate.Off the court, Serbakova expressed interest in studying sports in college after high school.In an interview with the media after the 2021 world Championships, she said she admired the skating skills of Chen Wei, who served Sherbakova a surprise cake at the tournament’s closing performance on her 17th birthday!