72-year-old: Pension over 8000 yuan, but because of a bad decision, the old age is miserable

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Guide language: the age is developing, there is emeritus salary after a lot of old people retire nowadays, on the whole this salary is enough to eat enough to use, can let the old man get stable to take care of on the life, emeritus salary wants arrangement only reasonable, can assure a happy relaxed old age.But some old people are very traditional, even if their children get married and start a career, they also want to try their best to help, try their best to compensate, thinking that this will be in return for their children’s gratitude, will make their old age more happy, but is it true?There are many such cases in life, parents are children all their life, but in the end even their own life is not guaranteed, Uncle Cao is such a case.Grandpa Cao is 72 years old. My wife and I received 6,000 yuan in total when we first retired. With the increase of salary over the years, now we have more than 8,000 yuan per month.Our generation is suffering, reluctant to eat reluctant to wear a lifetime, even with retirement wages, we are frugal, saved 600,000 yuan savings.I have a son and a daughter, both of whom are already married. They always bring their children back home on weekdays and weekends. My wife and I set up a table of food to greet them.Later, my wife blamed me, do not tell the children about the money in hand, but I said all said, I blame my wife stingy, we usually do not spend what money, these money or children sooner or later, say the same as early as late.And the kids knew I had so much money, and within a few days they came to me.I asked him how much he wanted, but he said 300,000 yuan. I hesitated. Sooner or later, the money would belong to the children, so give it to him while they needed it.I promised my son and gave him $300,000.I give money to son this matter, I do not know how by the daughter know, she came back crying that we are eccentric, son over daughter, I was said hurriedly explain, say I favor son over daughter, from small to big which thing I slant your elder brother?Daughter said, give money that thing.I see, this is my daughter asking me for money!I thought I should not be uneven with a bowl of water, so I gave 300,000 yuan to my daughter.Daughter left, my wife came to blame me, now the savings have no, I see you how to do later?I stood up and smiled. I said, what are you worried about?What a worry!On the one hand, our retirement salary is high and we don’t spend much money at ordinary times, which can be saved quickly. On the other hand, we are healthy and have no major problems. There is really something.I hate my wife is speechless.I was proud of it, a few days on the accident, go out for a walk accidentally slipped a fall, people can not climb up, was sent to the hospital, the doctor said that thigh fracture, to emergency surgery.Can the home more than 3000 cash, really can not take money.The wife calls the son immediately, the son says the hand does not have the money, she calls the daughter again, the daughter says the money is saved regularly, take not to come out, let me think about another method again, can matter to now, I can have other what method?Finally, I borrowed 30,000 yuan from my wife’s brother.When her brother sent money to us, he kept complaining about us. He was so old that he didn’t even have money to defend himself. There was a real problem, what should he do?My wife’s brother was only in his early 60s, but I was 72 years old, and he had silenced me in the hospital room.Originally my wife and I retired salary is not low, there are savings of 600,000, life is very rich, there is a bottom in the heart of what is not afraid, but I blindly indulge children, thinking of subsidize children, think that as long as the money, they will be more respect me, filial piety to me, it is I think wrong, this money can not buy filial piety.On the contrary, this money can help me solve practical problems when I can’t count on my children.Now I have figured it out, and I also advised other old people that when they are old, they must keep the money in their hands to give themselves a way out, otherwise they will be in a real mess like ME.Old people must remember that money is very necessary whether their children are filial or not.Children filial piety, rich that is the icing on the cake, children not filial piety, money can help!And to judge whether children are filial or not, it is not when you give them as much as you want, but when you need them.To put it bluntly, if you have money, children may be more motivated for the sake of money, but if you have no money, then ungrateful children don’t take their parents seriously at all.Write in the end: now The Times is changing, pension this matter, rely on children more and more unreliable, and rely on children, not as good as their own, the money bag, to the money pension, is the most real the most practical pension way.