A little charity, you can’t change the heart of a dog, and the heart of a Wolf is right

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Whenever I see dogs or people walking dogs, I stay away.Even if the person leading the dog is a beautiful woman.Even if the dog is on a leash, I will go far away.Seeing a dog scared me as much as seeing a Wolf.We were working in a private yard, and our unwelcoming owner, an old curmudgeon, had two dogs tied up nearby.The curmudgeon wouldn’t let the dog go, so we had to carefully avoid it.Our route passed through old stubborn man’s yard and near the doghouse.The dogs were barking at us and grabbing for their chains. They seemed to want to eat us.Despite our heightened vigilance, one of the dogs took the opportunity to bite my workmate’s leg.We ask the old man to hit rabies vaccine, the old man said: this dog I didn’t spread pretty good, but also let me hit vaccine!Have a dream!Tell me what you want.We had no choice but to spend our own money to get vaccinated.Remember when I was a child there was a school, I carrying a bag have gone to the home not far from the big well near, suddenly a big yellow dog shot out from the alley, scared me to run.I had not run a few steps before the ice slipped under my feet, and the great yellow dog came at me like an arrow and shook its head by my ankles.I lay on the ice and cried at the top of my lungs. Maybe the big yellow dog was so shocked by my earth-shattering cries that he let me go.When I stopped crying and found myself leaning over the edge of the well, I got up and limped home. The dog was gone.Back at home, my mother in my wound is white sugar or cigarette bag oil son what I forget.When I was in middle school, I often went to my friend’s house to play.Every time I went to his house, his dog seemed to despise me, and never tired of barking.So I brought some delicious to it, it really worked, the annoying dog finally stopped barking.So I tried to get close to him and put a friendly hand over his head.Unexpectedly, the dog bared his fangs and snarled at me.At that time I was still discussing it: don’t be fierce, I have delicious.The dog gave me a bite out of the blue, and the sharp teeth immediately cut a bloody streak across my arm.I didn’t tell anyone, and the wound healed without much treatment.Let me know through this matter, a little charity, is not for a dog heart.Looks like Wolf was right.Another time, WHEN I went back to my hometown for Chinese New Year, I met a dog wandering in the street. I didn’t care, because it seemed that the dog didn’t care about me.The road is not wide. I can’t go far around it.When I got near the dog, it suddenly turned on its face and shot me in the leg.I was so startled that I broke out in a cold sweat.Mad as IF I picked up a brick hard to hit the dog’s head, the dog whoop whoop.That’s not all. I chased him to his house.I was still beating him in his lair.The owner of the dog is my old neighbor, later he spent 200 yuan to give me a shot of rabies vaccine, I do not know whether this shot is useless.From then on, I no longer trusted dogs, nor was I close to dogs.When I see a dog, I stay away, even though I’m born in the year of dog.