Announcement of Fujian Provincial Internet Information Office on Supplementary Report of Automobile Data Security Management in Fujian Province in 2021

2022-05-10 0 By

Internet information office about prescribed in fujian province in 2021 in fujian province automotive data safety management situation of announcement for specification data processing activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organizations, safeguarding national security and social public interests, promote the rational development and utilization of data, according to the car several data safety management regulations (try out) “(hereinafter referred to as the regulations),The requirements of auto data safety Management in Fujian Province in 2021 are hereby notified as follows:A submit the scope registered in fujian province to carry out the important data (the provisions of article 3) processing activities of auto data processing, including auto manufacturers, components and software suppliers, dealers, maintenance agency and travel service enterprise, etc., shall submit the car before December 15, 2021 data security management, but not submitted.The report of 2021 automobile data safety management shall be stamped with the official seal of the company.Please log in to the Network Data Security Management Service Platform of Fujian Province and submit the report online as required. The platform address is (PC only is supported). The deadline for submission is 18:00 on March 31, 2022.For those who fail to fill in the information truthfully as scheduled, Fujian Provincial Cyberspace Administration Office will organize special inspection and punish those who violate the relevant requirements of Several Provisions on The Safety Management of Automobile Data (Trial) according to law. Those who constitute a crime will be transferred to relevant departments for criminal responsibility according to law.Fujian Internet Information Office on March 12, 2022 source: net information Fujian on March 14, Fujian added 33+30!The xiamen case was identified as omicron mutant strain