I am loyal to the post, cast the most beautiful “police” color

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The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion, but for the police, their Spring Festival is continuous adherence, silently dedication.365 days the non-stop “Peace line” 365 days a year, 24 hours of lights, family reunion, jinghai police joint operation command center is still as usual, receiving police, recording, sending police, feedback…”Hello, command 110…””Just a moment, please. Where are you exactly?”Police Gao Zexin is busy before the computer, input the situation, allocation of police force, police processing, dare not slack off.The “peace line” that guards social harmony through phone calls.This is gao zexin’s fourth year working here. As usual during Spring Festival, he and his colleagues stick to their posts.”Take time to see frequency with family, happy New Year, to say peace.Although I can’t spend the Spring Festival with them every year, I still feel it’s worth it to protect the local people and enjoy a peaceful and stable Spring Festival.””He said with pride about picking up police officers.”After receiving the report, we will immediately assign police to the scene to deal with the situation and solve the problems of the people who report to the police in a timely manner.Every Spring Festival, all staff are on duty to consolidate the strength and wisdom of the police and escort the safety of people in the district during the special period of epidemic prevention and control.”Command dispatch section chief Xu Ning said.The “circle” and “lack” of the Spring Festival of the police on duty is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the “circle”.For the dongcheng police station police sun Hongxu, the first reunion of the Spring Festival let him both look forward to and uneasy.Sun hongxu, who just became a full-time employee this year, has been at his post since New Year’s Day and will continue to do so during the Spring Festival.”Being on duty is hard, but it’s worth it.It is the greatest satisfaction for us to be able to protect the people of Jinghai with our brothers.”Sun Hongxu said a grass-roots police voice.