Qingdao, Shandong: buy law patted house to do homework in advance before buying law patted house should first understand teng, transfer, degree and other aspects of the situation

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For many people, compared with other houses on the market, the auction house has a certain price advantage, usually cheaper than the second-hand house in the market, which also makes many people have the psychology of “leakage”.But as the saying goes, opportunities and risks coexist. In the process of buying the house, what risks are easy to encounter?What do you need to pay attention to?The matters needing attention before the purchase of the auction house need to be carefully understood before the purchase of the bidder.General law pats a room to pat the 70% or so that the lowest price is appraised appraisal, after patting flow pats, 2 pats the starting price can drop 20% at most again.Before the formal external judicial auction, the court will view the house on the spot to understand, the property rights of the house information and other investigations, through the protection of the judicial process, the court will issue the relevant rulings, to assist in the execution of the notice, so that the property rights of the house is more guaranteed.Through the judicial process of auction, the legal property rights are usually clear, and the transfer of property has a certain guarantee.In addition, with the “law auction loan” online, now the law auction house can also be purchased by loan.1. The transfer of property rights is directly related to the transfer of ownership. Before bidding, we should pay attention to the description of property rights in the auction announcement.2. Check out the property properties, including the legal auction house service life, whether to apply for the property certificate, the nature of the land, etc.If the land attribute is transferred, the real estate may need to pay land revenue or land transfer gold, this part of the cost needs to consult the real estate registration department in advance to understand.3. Whether it is full property rights If the purchase of the legal auction house is not 100% full property rights, especially in the case of some property rights holders and outsiders, may encounter related problems in the transfer of ownership or subsequent related business.4. Whether there is a lease in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the sale of the lease, for the existence of long-term lease and the rental of the property, the later processing will take time;Properties that are rented for a short period of time and do not pay rent in advance can generally trade normally.If it is indicated in the auction notice that the house is leased, it is necessary to understand the contract lease term, rent and a series of issues in advance to ensure the bidder’s own rights and interests to the greatest extent.5. Whether the house is vacated or not has always been a hot topic of concern in the process of legal auction.Not vacated property may exist in the late clearance of the occupancy problem, which will lead to some properties even if the transfer can not be moved in.In the judicial auction house, it is common for the person subject to execution or outsiders to occupy the use of the house, which is also the focus and difficult work of the court during the disposal of the legal auction house.The judge reminded that before buying the house, according to the auction notice to check whether the house has been vacated.If specified in the bidding announcement is not empty, the bidder will need to pay attention to whether or not the house set leases or set residency in both cases, to “take rent auction” or “take residency auction house property, the court after the auction is not responsible to vacate the house, the housing delivery required by the buyer through litigation or other ways to solve.6 calculate good house transfer taxes and fees law auction house transfer taxes and fees need to be borne by both parties in accordance with the relevant provisions, such as the buyer to bear deed tax, the debtor to bear personal income tax.At this moment, the buyer must be clear and calculate the taxes and fees that the transfer may involve, calculate the cost of buying a house.After paying all kinds of taxes and fees, if the house has water fee, electricity fee, network fee, property fee and other unpaid fees, it shall be borne by the buyer according to the bidding announcement.If still involve land to sell gold, when maintaining fund to wait for a problem, the person that buy needs to know in advance, clear charge circumstance is investigated before buying a house.8. Degree with or without degree, degree is occupied and other problems, the buyer needs to know the degree of housing in advance before buying the law auction house, can be viewed on the spot, and ask the relevant units and departments, understand the relevant policies in advance.9. Settlement problem for the legal auction, the court is only responsible for the transfer of property rights, but not responsible for the settlement of the buyer.If you buy a house because your children go to school, you need to consult the local public security organs in advance before bidding to understand the household registration of the house, so as to avoid being unable to transfer the house after buying the house.”Foreclosure is borrowed” booster “one-click loan” the reporter understands from Qingdao intermediate people’s court, in January of last year, Qingdao “foreclosure is borrowed” is launched, by the people’s court to auction the purchase “foreclosure house” of the buyer, as long as qualified, can by applied to commercial Banks for personal housing loan real judicial auction to raise funds to participate in court.With the launch of “Legal auction loan”, the legal auction house which could only be paid in full can also be lent, which effectively solves the financing problem of potential bidders and reduces the problem of failed auction caused by the excessively high total price of houses and the limitation of potential bidders to raise funds by one-off payment.It is understood that the property auction is of special nature, and the traditional business model of mortgage first and loan later cannot meet the business needs of “legal auction loan”, so the bank must have relevant guarantee before lending.Therefore, “law auction loan” business introduced the insurance company or guarantee company to provide periodic guarantee business model.With insurance protection, banks can reduce their risk and lend more quickly.At present, bidders sign up for bidding and pay deposit on the judicial website auction page. For the properties that can be lent, there will be a “one-button loan” button on the website. Bidders will submit relevant materials after clicking into the website.The judge of the Executive Board of Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court reminded that because of the particularity of legal housing auction, bidders must fully understand the comprehensive information before buying real estate, carefully read the bidding announcement, and pay attention to whether the legal housing loan will be subject to “loan restriction” related restrictions.Source: Qingdao Morning Post