The Star Wars: Galaxies reboot has been running successfully for seven months

2022-05-10 0 By

The fan-driven reboot of Star Wars Galaxies has been running successfully for seven months and has a new, original expansion and revamp planned for 2022.Star Wars Galaxies was a popular MMO launched in 2003 in The US and Europe.Star Wars Galaxies reboot Project 3 has had a number of server infrastructure upgrades and BUG fixes since its release in May last year.There are currently around 11,421 accounts, and players have created 12,207 characters — a far cry from the heyday of mmos, but still impressive.Star Wars galaxies is known for implementing the first primarily player-driven economy in an MMO, and the Reboot project 3 team focused on this by integrating previous bonus items and mechanics into the production system, as well as other changes to the MMO system.They plan to release more content from the original game in the future, including the Jedi class, and set community-specific goals to unlock new content and server range expansions for players.In 2022, they plan to add Mustafa, more player species, and a secret unlock process for the Jedi class.Interested players can check out their official website.It should be noted that this is a foreign player driven project, so neither the website nor the game supports Chinese.