This New Year, I accompany you ah

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The fifth day of the New Year to meet the God of wealth, in this wish you a New Year big rich big expensive, bonanza!I do not know who is to accompany you this year?I’m sure whoever it is, this will be the perfect start to the Year of the Tiger.It is not easy to meet each other, but to cherish each other.There is a sentence by Ouyang Xiu in “Holy Wordless” : “Life is so long that we meet and enjoy each other.”In the newly broadcast star “Big Detective” in the seventh season, there is no Sa Beining, due to various reasons, he will be absent from this program has even opened six seasons of longevity, has been in the “double North combination” (He Jiong high school walk out of North, Sa Beining high school walk out of Peking University) in 2022 in the seventh season, has become our intention.Therefore, at the “Zhenxin Zhenyi” concert in the seventh season of “Big Detective”, when He Jiong sang the song “Missing distance”, many MC residents who participated in Ming Zhen on stage and off stage were moist in their eyes.”There are thousands of ways to respond to me, but your heart is like a gust of wind.After singing the song, He went on to say on stage: “Besides Sa, there are many friends of our famous detective.Because I think as you grow up, you have to learn, you have to adapt to a lot of different changes, different growth, different circumstances, but one thing IS that I think, sometimes we can get together every day, sometimes we can’t get together, but that doesn’t mean we’re really apart.So I think there’s a big Detective family, but I think our hearts are always together, right?””Probing hearts does not change, and true feelings do not disperse.”Friends who have seen Mingzhen should have experience, every time the performers will be immersed into the day of the case, play the role of the characters in the case, deduce the plot, in the “case scene” to find evidence, reasoning and find out the real “murderer”.Although sometimes the relationship between the characters is complicated and there are many entanglements hidden, all of us are walking side by side after all. Drama is like life. Good actors will dig deep into the role they play, and even become the role themselves.It also gives a certain emotion to the role played by the Ta in the case.Because of investment, so there is a fetter;They became close friends because they worked together.Although it is only a variety show, I do not doubt that there must be genuine feelings in it. For example, when we meet and get along with people in our work and life, if we have “walked a road” and “fought side by side”, how can we not care a little?Now Ming investigation season 7, although IQ eq and can’t come to the teacher, but in the great detective season 7 leading party, his figure is almost everywhere — all in “detective 7,” the guest, has a “man” two words on the clothes, and “man” is the sa beining investigation program Ming said when he put the kids in the special words,It later appeared frequently on the show and was one of the show’s “hot memes”.Ajit as acting President (at the end of the sixth season, sa beining elected President), one of the most important task this season, is looking for sa beining disappear, and you also take teacher once through the pants as a prop in the program of thrust…… in fact, this and our life is like a very like at ordinary times, use a common words to describe,It’s called “missing a friend.”There are many ways to miss, but “distance is useless, missing is very heavy… I also believe that distance can not change my tacit understanding with you”.To friends, whether or not they’re there for you right now.Images from the Internet