$1.2 billion in six days: 14 Easter eggs you didn’t know were behind “The Killer is Not Too Cool.

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Six days in theaters, the box office hit $1.2 billion.If there is no accident, this year’s Spring Festival season dark horse, belongs to the killer is not too calm.I’m glad the title didn’t dissuade me from a comedy that would make me laugh.After 20 years in the business, Wei Xiang finally got his first leading actor.The plot of the film overlaps with Wei’s life experience.When the final tidbits came out, it felt like a movie coming into reality.Who see can not sigh with emotion 1: play such as life.”Success, only more than unsuccessful adhere to a time.”The first bowl of chicken soup for the year of the Tiger. I’m done. You guys help yourself.The Not-so-Cool Killer has a natural but not vulgar laugh line.It’s not about making people laugh at shit and women talking dirty, it’s about the contrast between the actors’ performances and their identities.Dislocation and misunderstanding create a wave of jokes, almost “5 minutes a little, 10 minutes a big”.There aren’t many movies left that can make you laugh, and even fewer that can make you laugh consistently.On this basis, the director and the team also hid a lot of details and Easter eggs.Here’s a look at some of the Easter eggs and details from The Movie as it progresses.Note: the following is a serious disclosure of the plot, have not seen the movie friends cautious point.To tell you the truth, the title was the one that bothered me the most.So many people had the illusion that it was a bad movie from the classic Leon.In fact, the movie has seen the movie, in addition to the title of the classic suspect, content and “Leon” has nothing to do with.In fact, The Killer is a remake of a Japanese film, The Magic Hour.Magic Hour is miya’s fourth work written and directed.”Magic moment” is a movie term for the moment when the sun sinks below the horizon and all its rays disappear.It is said that if the camera is turned on at that time, it can capture a dreamlike picture.The Killer is not Too Cool only uses the basic framework of the original, which is a series of comical misunderstandings led by an extra actor pretending to be a killer.The setting of jokes and the advance of the plot have all been localized.Without preconceived notions, I found Hitman to be more tightly narrated and more in line with the domestic audience’s viewing habits.In terms of casting, the Chinese version went one better with Wei Xiang.The original “killer” by The Japanese film gods of hiroshi Sato as.It is not that he is not good, it is his acting has been seen by all, let him play a cameo, to the audience’s emotional impact will be weaker.In reality, Wei Xiang has been a supporting actor for more than 20 years.He’s been in almost all the previous box office hits.The emotional impact of the supporting role will be more intense.The two gangs featured in the movie belong to the McGeico Chamber of Commerce and the Mormon Chamber of Commerce.McGeeke is the transliteration of Magic and Mormon is the transliteration of moment.Two words put together: “Magic Moment”, which is also the name of the original book.Allen’s killer Carl goes on a mission.He knocks out a worker, changes into his uniform, and goes to the lighthouse to shoot Harvey, the mob boss.Pay attention to the English subtitles, “killer” is translated as “Hitman”.Hitman is a well-known action game series featuring a bald clone agent code-named 47.The game series has also been adapted for two movies.Chen Minghao plays the role of gang boss Harvey, modeling and once Hollywood crocodile Harvey Weinstein is very similar.Harvey Weinstein is the boss of TWC and the founder of Miramax.He has repeatedly reached into the Oscars to manipulate the results.The 71st Academy Awards has been called one of the darkest in history.”Saving Private Ryan” was the favorite, but lost to “Shakespeare in Love.”The reason is that some media outlets were paid by Weinstein to give “Saving Private Ryan” bad reviews.Gwyneth “Pepper” and Weinstein were ridiculed for years after she was dubbed the “Queen of The Water” for her role in Shakespeare in Love.The 75th Academy Awards was also rigged by Weinstein, who narrowly lost the top hit “The Pianist” to his film “Chicago.”By 2017, Harvey Weinstein had been accused of sexually harassing at least eight women over several decades by the New York Times.Later, the “Me Too” movement spread around the world.In 2020, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison, putting a generation of Hollywood titans behind bars.The Killer is not too cool pays tribute to Stephen Chow’s films most.So I’m going to put all of these tributes into point five.Wei Xiang’s Wei Chenggong begins as an executed army officer.Here is a tribute to the “domestic Ling Ling paint”.After the director called out “ka”, Wei succeeded in discussing the character’s death with the director.This is a tribute to yoon Chun-gu in “The King of Comedy” as a priest who can’t die.After that, Wei chenggong and Milan (Ma Li) dance, a turn to close the distance, Milan is forced to stand in the corner.This is also a tribute to the famous scene of Yoon Chun-gu and Yoo Pio-pio in The King of Comedy.Wei chenggong first dressed up as a killer in homage to Quentin’s Killer Vincent in Pulp Fiction.John Travolta played Vincent in the 1970s and 1980s, but his career did not take off and slowly faded into oblivion.Until Quentin was planning pulp Fiction, the first time he thought of John.The film launched John’s second career as one of Quentin’s regular cast members.Travolta is probably best known to Chinese audiences for his role in Face/Off with Nicolas Cage.Face/Off became the culmination of Woo’s pursuit of his Hollywood dream.Holding a white cat in his car, Wei looks and speaks in a nod to Michael Corleone in the 1972 film the Godfather.The classic opening scene of The Godfather was an accident.When the cast was working, a stray cat always came to eat and drink, and everyone liked him very much. Marlon Brando was a cat owner, so he would play with it whenever he had time.One day while filming a scene where the Godfather meets the undertaker, the cat saw Marlon Brando and spontaneously jumped on his lap.Brando, worthy of the best actor award, finished his lines while touching a cat, which was comfortably touched by him and made a “purr” sound.The sound engineer crashed and the cat’s voice drowned out the lead actor’s speech.08 Harvey boss has a little brother named Jimmy, very pompous appearance, let people forget.The look pays homage to the tiger, played by Li Jianren in The film.Lee’s look is a nod to Wang Xiaohu in the classic Hong Kong comic film Dragon Tiger Gate.Wang xiaohu’s most iconic feature is his very shaped eyebrows.Lee kun-jen recreates this in the movie.Zhou Xing Chi in the second year of “big inside spy zero hair” in retained this modeling, let Li Jianren play a three thousand beauty in one of them, the effect is also very funny.The scene in which Wei chenggong trades with the Italian, both in shot and voice, is an homage to Sergio Leone’s western red Dead Redemption.The movie even featured a “Red Dead Redemption” poster.This poster also hangs on the wall where Wei chenggong lives.One of the most famous instances of plagiarism in film history, however, happened with Red Dead Redemption.After the film was released, it was sued by The Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.The reason is that the film almost copied his “Bon Intentions”.To what extent?It’s basically replacing samurai with cowboys and changing Japanese town into a western town.”Red Dead Redemption” director Leon, himself a fan of Kurosawa, settled out of court.They agreed to give Kurosawa 15 percent of the movie’s box office revenue and put kurosawa’s name on the screenwriter column of the movie.Kurosawa made a lot more money from this film than he did from Bon Intentions.In an interview later, he said “Red Dead Redemption” was worth watching.You see, money or incense, there is no way, the other side is too much.Wei Chenggong dances solo in the rain after leaving his “parents” home.It’s a nod to the 1952 Hollywood musical “Singin ‘in the Rain,” starring Gene Kelly.It was selected by the American Film Institute as no. 1 on its “25 Greatest Musical Films of all Time” and No. 5 on its “100 Greatest Films of all Time” list.11 Playing cards, Wei chenggong said “all in”.It was a tribute to the Hong Kong film god of Gamblers, starring Chow Yun-fat.Chow yun-fat once said that he hated gambling because his father was a gambler and often lost all his wages, resulting in a poor family environment.Wang Jing, as a director, also hates gambling very much, because his mother is a gambler, twice lost the family property.Two people who hate gambling, but together to create a classic Hong Kong film series.Wei chenggong’s walk-on is called John.He has a line: “Micah, I want revenge for Arthur Morgan.”This is a tribute to R Star’s Red Dead Redemption 2.Tawei succeeds in rescuing Milan, saying that his brother’s name is Maldini.Is it a reference to a football meme: AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini comes to the club’s rescue?Wei Chenggong was discovered by a director, want to invite him to play a real male number one.Wei chenggong looked at his previous play with Milan, tears streaming down his face.It’s a nod to Cinema Paradiso.END If you’ve seen these movies in advance, you’ll have a much better viewing experience.Since I only looked at them once, I may not have found them all.If you find something different, feel free to add it in the comments section.For me, the biggest surprise of this Spring Festival is the Movie The Killer is Not Too Cool.If you want to relax and have fun, that’s it.