A man has been charged after a woman called police to rob him at knifepoint in a fight with a prostitute

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Prostitute robbery, a strong man and woman Peng about 100 yuan a relationship, but in the process of two people argued, strong some angry hand fruit knife forced Peng to hand over property, shaking Peng said mobile phone password and wechat payment password, strong with a mobile phone to escape, Peng reported to the police.In Hubei Enshi, strong to the female peng paid 100 yuan piao, followed peng came to its living rental house, two people in the process of having a relationship suddenly conflict.The bad-tempered strong, one hand held peng’s neck, a fruit knife to force friends to hand over money.Peng shiver, immediately gave the mobile phone to strong.And told the strong mobile phone boot password and wechat payment password.Strong saw Peng’s mobile phone wechat balance has 2200 yuan, took peng’s mobile phone to escape, after the discovery of mobile phone case has 300 yuan in cash.After the incident, the price of the phone was identified as 1350 yuan.Strong see Peng’s mobile phone wechat has more than 2200 yuan, then take Peng’s mobile phone, escape now.And after leaving, found the phone case hidden 300 yuan.It is illegal to engage in prostitution in China, so the rights and obligations advocated by both parties in the process of prostitution are not supported by the law.Peng mou although is the victim of this case, but according to the “public security punishment Law” article 66, peng mou still should be placed under 15 days of detention, 5000 yuan fine.At the same time peng mou can be in accordance with the provisions of the “Civil Code”, a strong request to assume the liability of tort damages.In this case, Strong in the process of whoring because of arguments and knife-wielding forced property behavior, not only do not speak martial ethics, and criminal law, has been suspected of robbery.The crime of robbery refers to the act of using violence, coercion or other means to rob public or private property for the purpose of illegal possession.The crime of robbery is a serious violent crime, because the crime of robbery not only infringes on the ownership of public and private property, but also infringes on personal rights.Therefore, as long as the implementation of robbery, do not require a larger amount, can constitute the crime of robbery.In this case, a strong knife on the spot forcibly robbed Peng’s property behavior, fully meet the elements of the crime of robbery.So strong in peng lived in the rented house to carry out robbery, whether it belongs to robbery?In this case, The strong constitute burglary, must have.The illegality of the purpose of entry, that is, to enter the residence of others to carry out robbery and other crimes for the purpose.Apparently strong into the rental house is only whoring, because of the dispute temporary whim, only the implementation of robbery, do not have the purpose of entering the illegal sex.Although, the relevant judicial interpretation of the provisions of rental housing, closed yard, belong to the robbery of the household.However, due to peng s illegal prostitution activities in the rented house, the rented house has the openness of a public place and has lost the character of a closed house.Therefore, no matter from the illegality of the door, or from the concept of the door, in the house robbery strong some, do not belong to the door robbery.According to article 263 of the Criminal Law, qiang will be sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison and fined for robbing Peng’s property by means of violence.Strong in the case, can plead guilty to punishment, can be lenient punishment.The prosecution recommended three years in prison and a fine of 5,000 yuan.Finally, what started as an illegal act became a criminal act, which should not have happened.However, in any case, a strong challenge to the law’s behavior, will be severely punished by the law.What do you think? Leave a comment.– — — — — — — –