Full drive, heroine features, alternative world, IQ online, this novel is not to be missed!

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Today white qi continue to amway for everyone a fantasy novel – “entertainment Spring and Autumn”, the author ji Fork, has successfully ended.The characteristics of this novel can be said to be very distinctive, and won the unanimous praise of many readers, especially you “gentlemen”, must not be missed.Well, without further ado, Baiqi will give you a detailed count of the novel’s features.First, there are plenty of female protagonists.As a harem, it is natural to leave a “harem”, so the number of female protagonists in this novel is also very considerable.The novel is not long in length, but there are many female protagonists. Basically, all the female characters whose description length is more than one chapter in the whole novel do not escape from the protagonist Xue Mu’s claws, and all are in the harem.Second, the driving plot is full of details.For many “gentleman” readers, this is a great bonus.The plot of driving in this novel is quite extensive, and it would be fair to say that there is a car in five or ten chapters on average.After all, there are so many female protagonists, no matter where you go, there are women who can drive anytime and anywhere.And relative to the details is very sufficient, compared to those with a pen over the author is more conscientious.And this is not mainly reflected in the physical details of how good, but the atmosphere and language during sex, really voluptuous.The third point is that she has an open personality and is open to the combination of Yin and Yang.This is a very big feature of the novel.Most of the fantasy harem, although she is also a lot of, but in fact the inside of the Japanese for sex is very reserved, casually appear point body collision on the coy unceasingly, not to mention the initiative.But “Entertainment Spring and Autumn” is different, there are a lot of women are Mormon demon, for men and women do not exist what shy, according to the inside of the statement, are all “grow up”, there is no resistance, not pretentiousness.Therefore, there will be a phenomenon of driving plot, basically a leisure time is the car.Fourth, give the reader alternative feeling.There are two kinds of this alternative feeling.The first is that the heroine in The Spring and Autumn Period is basically stronger than the protagonist Xue Mu. There are the patriarch of the second of the eight orthodox families, the queen of the court, the legitimate heirs of the eight orthodox families, the patriarch of the magic family, the legitimate heirs, the elders, the imperial concubines, and her own personal guards, even the patriarch of the family.And the female character is different, there are charming and charming Acacia goddess, there are domineer peerless star and moon master, there are ancient and strange star and moon little master, there are cold outside and beautiful seven xuan branch, there are upright and noble seven Xuanzong master, there are lovely and persistent ask sword master, there are hungry and attractive imperial concubine, there are soft belly black medical fairy and so on.The most important is this identity strength of the woman, in front of the leading role Xue Mu all gentle, to the reader to build a high cold strong woman in front of the leading role in the indirect experience.The second is the plot of master and apprentice, mother and daughter, sister is also some, giving people a sense of alternative.Number five, the hero, the king of soft rice.This is different from most fantasy books.Xue Mu, the protagonist of the novel, is a vegetable chicken. He is very weak in both repairing and fighting, and needs to rely on women to protect him during the whole process.Even by the end of the series, the main character is still weak, unlike other fantasy novels where the main character is invincible.Throughout the novel, xue Mu, the protagonist, has not sold several times. He is hiding behind women and needs women to protect him.Sixth, IQ online, wisdom dou pull full.This is a continuation of the previous point, although the protagonist is weak in war, but full of IQ, generally is a battle of wisdom, to the magic gate of the Star and moon school as the foothold, the wisdom of the world.And because the protagonist is through, through the advanced way of thinking, gradually changed the whole world, in the world of budo “entertainment” development in full swing.Of course, there are some forced plot, cool point also have.Seventh, the overall atmosphere is more relaxed.As the whole novel is basically a war of wits, with little fighting and killing, the overall atmosphere is relatively relaxed and the daily description is much longer. After all, it is all about driving.Eighth, emotional delicacy.Although there are more female protagonists, but the description of the emotional drama is better, not abrupt, very warm, the beautiful description of love is incisively and vividly.Not only that, change the past fantasy female chasing male pattern, the whole is basically the leading role xue Mu everywhere girls, and a bubble a quasi.Ok, those are some of the most outstanding characteristics of The novel spring and Autumn Annals of Entertainment.This novel is not suitable for those who like to see the type of blood fighting, of course, if it is a “gentleman”, it is absolutely not to be missed!