Haven’s first original IP game will further advance the PS5’s technical capabilities

2022-05-11 0 By

Jade Raymond, former Assassin’s Creed producer and former EA Motive founder, has left Google’s Stadia development team to form a new studio called Haven Entertainment in Montreal, Canada.It is understood that the studio’s first game will be an original IP funded by SIE that will take advantage of PS5 capabilities.The Haven studio has tripled its staff since announcing its launch in March 2021, and continues to recruit developers for its first game.Haven’s first game will be available for PC and PS5 and will have a “continuous, scalable online environment.”It looks like the game will be one of “SONY’s 10 service games to be released by 2026″ and will work with PS5 architect Cerny to maximize PS5 capabilities.”Our ambition will be to further push the technology capabilities of the PS5 console,” Raymond said.Paola Jouyaux, another Haven co-founder, added that they will have the opportunity to work with the best minds at SONY.This will help them make high-quality games.In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz last year, Raymond said Haven’s goal was to create a new IP that would provide a “social platform” for gamers, one that was “designed for fans.”