Help secure winter Olympics to show the world “Made in China”

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will begin on February 4, and During the Games, China will show off “Made in China” to the world. The Smart Winter Olympics will become one of the main highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Tianjin tiandi Weiye Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Tiandi Weiye”) will provide intelligent transportation support for the Winter Olympic Games. Environmental protection bayonet and super Starlight “illegal stop ball” will appear in the Winter Olympic Games, giving full play to the role of China’s intelligent manufacturing and assisting in transportation, security and other services for the Winter Olympic Games.In order to ensure transportation services for the Olympic Games, Beijing’s traffic control authorities have designated special lanes for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on some roads.At present, more than 40 Special Olympic lanes have been opened for the use of vehicles such as Olympic athletes and staff.In the aspect of traffic law enforcement, the Olympic Special car road adopts two ways of on-the-spot law enforcement by traffic police on duty and off-spot law enforcement by bayonet camera.In June 2021, after public bidding, Tiandi Weiye won the bid to provide intelligent transportation support for the Winter Olympic Games through good product competitiveness and perfect after-sales service.In the Winter Olympics special car lanes, the world weiye environmental protection bayonet was selected as off-site law enforcement equipment, at present, nearly 100 environmental protection bayonet has been installed, debugging completed, officially put into use.”Ordinary electronic police will flash at night to capture traffic violations, causing damage to drivers’ eyes. The technology of environmental protection bayonet minimizes light pollution through infrared light filling at night, which can detect and capture illegal vehicles without affecting drivers.”World great achievement product director Liu Shuo introduced.In addition, the world weiyip in Beijing winter Olympics park installed more than 100 “illegal stop ball”, can effectively solve the surrounding traffic scene complex, illegal types and other problems.”‘ violations’ ball can form 360 – degree tour, realize the park surrounding traffic illegal capture full time coverage, voice alarm and automatically stop from spare vehicles,” fail to stop the ball “alarm function is the first in the industry, found illegal blasting flash and vocal hint, the offenders also did not leave a period of time, to automatically capture illegal.”Liu Shuo introduced.As a special place for centralized handling of cases related to the Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics Law enforcement and Case Management Center of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has realized an intelligent case handling system with full coverage of 24-hour monitoring by using tiandi Weiye’s solutions.For the event specification in the games and security is dealt with to provide a solid foundation, combining with the characteristics of “double the” law enforcement and its enforcement case management center of the Beijing municipal public security bureau the feats of heaven and earth to provide intelligent service system, set up remote arraignment, interrogation command system, 24 hours to monitor the whole working area, in real time to carry out the online inspection, ensure the security of the law enforcement standard,With “one-stop case handling, synthetic operations, intelligent management, whole process supervision” four functions.”It is not only a recognition, but also a responsibility for the world To help the Winter Olympics.”Liu Shuo said that the environmental protection bayonet, illegal stop-ball and the intelligent security system of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Winter Olympics law enforcement and case Management center have all been put into operation, and staff will also be on duty during the Winter Olympics to provide technical support and ensure the normal operation of equipment and systems.”Smart Winter Olympics is one of the main highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is the honor and responsibility of every Chinese to show the extraordinary charm of ‘Made in China’ to the world.”World weiye chairman dai Lin said.Located in Tianjin High-tech Zone, Tiandye Is the world’s leading intelligent security solution provider. Based on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, the company provides intelligent video products, system solutions and quality technical services for the public security, transportation, finance, education, water conservancy, environmental protection and other industries.At present, tianyi weiye products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, the global security top 10 ranked 7th, the company has set up more than 60 branches and service centers in the country, products used in Beijing Tian ‘anmen Square, China Launch Vehicle Test Center, Davos Forum, etc.More than 30 years ago, Dai Lin started his business in a simple bungalow of ten square meters. In the course of the development of heaven and earth, he witnessed the high-quality development of “Made in China”.Dai Lin, a native of Liaoning Province, was admitted to Tianjin University in 1984, majoring in semiconductor Devices and Microelectronics Technology, and received a master’s degree from Tianjin University in 1991.After graduating from the department of Electronics of Tianjin University, Dai Lin stayed in school and became an ordinary teacher of tianjin University.Once by chance, a customer asked him to provide a security engineering project design scheme for the bank, successfully completed the development task of the project, dai Lin was recognized by the customer and the school.In the 1990s, China’s security monitoring technology is still very marginal, very low-end industry, people’s understanding of the security industry is still relatively vague.After the completion of the bank project design, Dai Lin undertook several large-scale projects and projects, and gained a clear understanding and correct judgment of the technology, products and market of the security monitoring industry.”At that time, most of the security equipment was imported from abroad. I thought, the security field eventually needs state-owned brands and national products. This is the way out for security monitoring.”Delling had an idea for a business.In 1994, Dai Lin rented a simple bungalow of more than ten square meters near the Neighborhood committee of Tiantian Village as an office space, and really started his business.Entrepreneurship can not be controlled by others, must have their own products.In the security monitoring system, matrix products as the core control equipment is the most technical gold content, equivalent to the “brain”, Dai Lin from the “matrix” product development, determined to independent research and development of security monitoring products, become the first domestic independent development matrix security forerunner in the 1990s.At the beginning of his business, From product research and development to process design, from engineering construction to business sales, Dai Lin held multiple jobs. He negotiated business during the day, tested the lamp at night, and even sorted out goods storage by himself.In order to promote his products, he went to exhibitions with his equipment on his back. It was a hard time, but he felt proud when he was able to transform his technology into products, especially when it was applied in the market.This experience, not only experienced the will of Dai Lin, and let him more clear security monitoring market development direction in the future.As heaven and earth cause scratch products, “the matrix” in the early stage of the enterprise development plays an important role, has won the economic benefits and market share, because of the security market of the core technology has been monopoly by foreign brands, national product launch on cost and local service to occupy a certain advantage, Dai Lin gradually open the market situation.”Made in China” to “Created in China” Information age, intelligent era, face recognition, intelligent snapshot…From the production of “matrix” products to the world’s leading intelligent security solutions provider, weiye world continues to grow, but also experienced a variety of difficulties.China’s security market is pregnant with huge business opportunities, brand strategy is an important part of it, but it is difficult to take the road of “technology”.Under the circumstance of limited funds, Tiandi Weiye collaborates with universities and scientific research institutions to continuously develop new technologies and products.Around 2012, the security system switched from analog signals to network signals.”A process of r&d and market metamorphosis, as if to kill the former self to feel new.””At that time, all the security companies realized that the network was the trend, but it was a whole new field to develop network signal technology over analog signal technology,” Dai said.”At that time, security enterprises are crossing this barrier, research and development is very difficult, to make batches of equipment scrapped, scrapped hundreds of thousands of yuan of equipment every week, many security enterprises did not break down.”It took about two years for The World Of Heaven to conquer network signaling.In 2020, chip for a lot of security enterprises into the state of a large reduction in production, heaven and earth weiye quickly made a very important decision – switch chip.”The chip is like the head, and all the algorithms of the device need to be developed based on the chip. Our R&D team takes three months to switch the mainstream device to other chips, ensuring stable supply.”In recent years, the government has accelerated the development of science and technology smes strategy and the implementation of a series of preferential policies, so that the great cause of heaven and earth on the fast track of development.Tiandi Weiye has undertaken national scientific research projects such as the High-tech Industrialization Project of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Science and Technology Support Program, and the National Key RESEARCH and Development Program. Tiandi Weiye has won the Special Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of Tianjin Technological Invention, and the First prize of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Public Security.Take the lead to become the national artificial intelligence technology development and application promotion base with video surveillance as the core.Feats of heaven and earth became a national security monitoring field first “China well-known trademark” enterprise, and has set up a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, member of expert workstation, won the national layout key software enterprise, Chinese software enterprises, national guard contract, heavy credit enterprise “and so on the title, eighteen years in a row won the” China security ten big brands “, in the global security seventh.With the help of a series of policies, Tiandi Weiye has made a lot of technical exploration and practice in artificial intelligence, big data, low illumination, cloud storage and other technologies.In 2015, Tiandi Weiye successfully developed the industry’s first infrared free 24-hour full-color camera, and its core technology won the first prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress.In 2016, Heaven and Earth Weiye launched “Super Starlight camera”, which can shoot high-definition color pictures in dark environment. In 2017, it focused on the development of deep learning algorithm of face and launched intelligent face recognition system, which can accurately identify side faces, wearing sunglasses and masks.In 2018, Tiandi Weiye launched a panoramic multi-eye intelligent camera independently developed, which not only deeply integrates the previous technology, but also realizes the shooting of 360-degree panoramic high-definition pictures with one camera….Today, tiandi Weiye has represented “national security” to go abroad to the world, to show the world from “Made in China” to “created in China”.(Yunfei Luo, Jinyun News reporter)